3 benefits of customizing SAP GRC Application

GRC software is a set of tools designed to integrate compliance into daily business processes and help mitigate risk as the organization grows. Processes such as user provisioning, role management, emergency access management, periodic risk assessments, control management can be easily implemented and managed effectively with the SAP GRC software. GRC software automates routine audit and compliance processes, reduces the risk of fraud in ERP systems, and reduces costs.

Benefits of Customizing GRC Application

In a recent study by ToggleNow, it was evident that more than half of the businesses surveyed had only used 2 or fewer components of GRC Access Control, i.e., Access Risk Analysis and Emergency Access Management. Further, majority of them are utilizing just the out-the-box capabilities. GRC can add various benefits when it is functioning correctly and customized to fit in your business. Customizing the system provides flexibility in how it’s used. This allows both security managers and the auditors to set up their systems according to organization unique preferences.

Here are some reasons that may be relevant to customize your SAP GRC application:

Reason # 1 – Customizing Ruleset will ensure you are evaluating with the right risk matrix

SAP’s default ruleset is a good starting point but is generalized for all industries and chances are that all of them are not applicable to your organization’s needs. Every access risk requires a thorough check to ensure it is relevant to your business. By removing risks that don’t apply to you, and creating the ones that are relevant to you will reduce the effort and costs involved in managing them. Below are the activities that you must be considered:

  1. Identify the relevancy of the risks in the ruleset
  2. Identify the risks associated with custom (Z or Y) transaction codes.
  3. Update the ruleset with the custom risks
  4. Identify false positives
  5. Define Org Rules & Supplementary rules

Reason # 2 – Better Control with customized Workflows

MSMP is a workflow engine that allows you to customize the approval process based on your business requirements and accommodates various business scenarios of a company’s approval and provisioning processes. When it’s coupled with BRF+, default function modules, ABAP classes, it makes it more flexible and robust.

So how does an MSMP workflow work?

When a requester raises a new Access request, it triggers the initiator, which is tied up to a specific approval path. The path will have pre-determined stages that are assigned with necessary approvers and settings built in, which dictates how a request should be handled.

Further, the request could take a detour based on the pre-defined conditions, i.e., a completely new path (Routing rules), or branch off into two distinct paths (fork route).

What additional customization is required?

Even though the standard rules provide a greater flexibility in defining the approval processes, many organizations see a gap and thus use manual processes during the approval process. These additional requirements can be automated with simple to complex customizations. Here are some of the examples:

Reason # 3 – Eliminate the need of manual activities

Compliance at click of a button is the future. Unfortunately, there are no such ready-to-deploy solutions available that help you to automate the features in SAP GRC application. Activities such as manual report generation, alerting approvers for on-time approvals, and review processes can be automated with the right customizations and implementing automation programs. In our experience, we have seen a decrease of approximately 70% in the manual activities.

A list of automations is available at our Automation Stories section.

Make your SAP GRC more powerful

Additional customizations such as Firefighter Log Reviews, Reporting, Mitigation Control Management and automation of user and SOD review process will transform your SAP GRC system into a next generation application. SAP GRC processes can be automated using RPA tools such as SAP IRPAAutomation AnywhereUI Path or other BOT based solutions.

Going a Step Further!! Here is how ToggleNow can help in our SAP GRC transformation journey?

Our FourEdge service offering helps organizations to start their digital transformation journey. Our team can help you identify which elements of your business should you focus on first and how we can support in building a more business focused GRC application.

FourEdge has 4 phases; In the first phase, our consultants analyze your GRC application and create a blueprint for streamlining it. They build a solid foundation to get you started on the right foot. In the second phase, they automate the simple processes that can add quick value to the business. In the third phase, various automations using BOTs will be implemented, and in the fourth phase we showcase the right RoI by reducing the tasks to a great extent, and enabling the right reporting capabilities for better management decisions.

Simply email us at sales@togglenow.com and we’ll take care of the rest.

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