ToggleNow History

The one word — unique — defines ToggleNow. We are unique – one and only — in our mission, values, ideology, mindset, teamwork, and our approach to your greatest motivator, profits.

We provide today’s business leaders the maximum bang for their IT buck. With our help, companies integrate strategy, management, performance, and tech solutions all at the same time.


Gathering recognition

● The SAP ICC certified Verity 2.0 as powered by SAP NetWeaver.

● The STQC IT Services team tested and confirmed that Verity meets all functionality requirements.

● ToggleNow achieved the prestigious ISO 9001:2015 certification for quality management.


Making meaningful partnerships

ToggleNow joined the Oracle Partner Network as a Silver Level Partner and became a proud member of NASSCOM


Expanding horizons

As we grew to become a trusted name in the business, so did our clientele.


Building a team

Slowly, but surely, we built a team to set our business plans into motion.


Beginning small

ToggleNow began as a small step towards making a big dream come true.