ToggleNow is a premier governance, risk and compliance service provider and help clients tackle the broad issues of corporate governance, enterprise risk management, and effective corporate compliance, while offering specialized assistance in key areas such as Risk Management, Control Management, Control Automation, Anti-fraud, Data Protection Laws such as GDPR, Anti Money Laundering and other compliance advisory services. ToggleNow can help organizations to address the complex challenges with utilization of people, process and the right technology to improve GRC effectiveness and reduce operational costs.

Reliably scale


Accuracy in Your Predictions

Develop highly accurate and constantly updated predictive models based on unlimited volumes of all your data—not just samples—and derive meaning for real-time intelligence.


Action for Insight

Access predictive insight in the moment and uncover trends, relationships, and patterns so that you can make decisions at the speed of your business.


Automation for Monitoring

Apply automated monitoring, discovery, analytics, and remediation to predict, adapt, and unlock business opportunities, and reduce risks.

Governance and Compliance

SAP GRC Services

Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) is an essential business strategy to ensure corporate governance, mitigate enterprise risks, and maintain compliance with regulatory policies. A number of organizations opt for the GRC solutions offered by SAP to streamline their strategy, but often find themselves unable to effectively and successfully implement.

IT Governance
IT Risk

SAP Audit Services

Auditing your SAP implementation is essential many a times to avoid results which are non-complaint. Many organizations fail to Audit their SAP systems. For improving business processes and reducing the support and project costs SAP audits are a mandatory activity. SAP audits help businesses maximize the value of their SAP implementation by increasing business value and productivity.

SoD Risk Management

SAP is currently being used as a dynamic solution that can cater to most business needs. Therefore, advanced regulations are often imposed on the solution - to ensure compliance through these dynamic regulatory changes, an effective solution to plan and design your SAP’s security and authorization is required.

IT Compliance
IT Risk

Control Management & Automation

Our control automation tool can allow you to intuitively automate and manage technical and functional controls with built-in alert-generation and auto-reporting features, we help you automate the management of internal controls.

SAP Licensing Optimization

Many organizations use SAP for their ERP requirements are it helps organizations integrate multiple business functions. The largest expense associated with SAP implementation is the licensing cost, as many companies do not optimize their SAP licenses. Two important challenges that organizations face in this regard are selection of the right category of license, and managing their existing licenses effectively.

IT Compliance

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A GRC framework that shifts overhead cost to value driver

Our GRC solutions combine real-time monitoring, reporting, and analysis to help companies comply with regulations and prepare for unexpected events. Reach out to our experts today!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best SAP GRC auditing software?

ToggleNow recommends its proprietary solution – GAMS360 that brings various ready to audit cards. It has 100+ SAP GRC baseline, SAP Security baseline, SAP Fraud Controls, SAP ITGC Controls and audit teams specific cards/reports. In addition, ToggleNow has it’s own python based scripts for easy and quick reporting.

What are ToggleNow’s USPs?

ToggleNow carries rich expertise in SAP Security & GRC. With over 400 years of collective experience and developed various solutions such as Verity, UserSentry, GAMS360, xPedite, Easy Access for SAP GRC etc., ToggleNow team further provides customized services in these areas. Contact our team to know more about our offerings!

Can we use RPA based automation in SAP GRC?

Why not! ToggleNow developed/delivered 20+ automations using RPA BOTs. We work with various automation tools such as Automation Anywhere, UI Path, Blueprism, SAP IRPA, Electroneek, and other tools in the market. Look at our case studies to know more about the automations.

Is GRC part of Cyber Security solution?

GRC is set of tools that enables enterprises to reliably achieve their objectives and goals while addressing business uncertainties and acting with integrity. However, it is not a subset of cybersecurity. GRC can be used as a measurable tool for observing policies, regulations, foreseeable issues within an organization and procedures to manage that entity in a well-established framework. GRC and Cybersecurity are two complimentary solutions or frameworks.