Digital transformation demands IT transformation. ToggleNow IT Ops solutions work alongside legacy and cloud tools to close operational gaps while automating end-to-end workflows across key IT functions and value streams.

Digital transformation is as much a cultural and business transformation as it is a technological one. It is a fundamental rethinking of customer experience, business models, and operations. It's about finding new ways to deliver products and services to customers.

Modern digital transformation is a process of changing a business model to be more efficient and customer-oriented using a combination of methods from the fields of coding, robotics , artificial intelligence, IoT, big data and others.

Our IT Transformation Approach

ToggleNow offers a suite of capabilities and services around IT transformation which are designed to help you reshape the management and planning of your IT investments to increase business value and make IT more adaptive.

IT transformation capabilities

  • Assess the current environment and develop an plan to embed the latest technologies into the processes.
  • Identify opportunities to reduce the operational cost
  • Build and manage IT strategies
  • Develop, deploy and manage enterprise IT architecture
  • Transform the IT process and organization
  • Future IT transformation portfolios

Building Applications & Services For Modern Business

Tuning your business for performance and innovation

As a trust advisor to many enterprises, we provide end-to-end application modernization capabilities to help you move to a cloud-ready and agile ecosystem.

Simplify Service Consumption

Deliver IT support that is automatically prioritized based on historical information, using machine-learning algorithms.

Meet Resource Demand at DevOps Speed

Deliver cloud and on-premises services at high speed, without compromising quality.

Detect and Fix Issues Automatically

Shift to automated discovery, monitoring, and remediation.

Implement Transparent Guardrails

Adopt a proactive, consistent approach to patch compliance, backups, and budget control.

How We Pave Your Way Forward

One Platform for SAP User Management

Easy Access for SAP - A smarter management to IT and business users with intuitive self-service portal powered SAP UI5 engine that utilizes the Orchestrated Automation. It addresses various issues and extend support to business uses with greater speed and agility.

Easy Access for SAP helps enterprises to reduce the support tickets to a greater extend. Our clients have experience a reduction of tickets up to 55%.

What We Offer


A Complete Suite of Products to Manage and Monitor Compliance in SAP Systems.

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Bot-based automation of SAP-based processes

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Agile and cost-efficient SAP landscape optimization

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Access built-in risk management, ticket management, and workflow management modules

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Assess the critical issues associated with your custom transaction codes

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A Comprehensive Solution that makes your Organization Audit-ready

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