Let’s learn about two essential tools in SAP, PFCG_TIME_DEPENDENCY (being used by many Security consultants for more than a decade) and RHAUTUPD_NEW (new report), and how they play a pivotal role in comparing user master records.

Common Objective: User Master Comparison

Both reports, PFCG_TIME_DEPENDENCY and RHAUTUPD_NEW, share a common objective – comparing user master records. This process is crucial in SAP which will update the role assignments, and remove any of the roles that are no more relevant. It is required to schedule it as a periodic job as a part of clean-up activities.

The Difference

RHAUTUPD_NEW: Leveraging Scheduled Jobs with Variants

RHAUTUPD_NEW takes a step ahead by offering administrators the ability to schedule this job with specific variants, streamlining the process of user master record comparison. This feature proves invaluable for administrators seeking to have more selective comparison approach.

Administrators can choose specific roles, such as Z* or Z_CRITICAL*, providing a granular approach to user master record comparison. Moreover, administrators can determine the timing of processing, aligning with the dynamic nature of SAP environments.

For those keen on exploring the capabilities of RHAUTUPD_NEW, execute the program using SA38 or SE38, and execute the report is the initial step.

NOTE: Detailed documentation is available for the administrators. Click the “i”
Information button (equivalent to pressing Shift & F1 simultaneously). This
resourceful guide aids administrators understanding more about RHAUTUPD_NEW.


PFCG_TIME_DEPENDENCY comprehensively evaluates user master records without the use of selection criteria. On the other hand, RHAUTUPD_NEW stands out by utilizing variants, allowing administrators to eliminate unused SAP roles and tailor the comparison process to specific requirements. This distinction showcases the versatility of RHAUTUPD_NEW in addressing the various needs.

While both reports contribute to effective user master record comparison, RHAUTUPD_NEW’s advanced features in selective role comparison and scheduled job execution make it a powerful tool.

Learn More from SAP Note 3413613

For a deeper understanding and additional insights, administrators can refer to SAP Note 3413613. This valuable resource provides comprehensive details and further enhances the knowledge base of SAP professionals.
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