Migrate to the cloud with confidence


CIOs and CISOs worry about downtime and other challenges when it comes to hosting SAP solutions on the cloud. Our expert cloud consulting services are designed precisely to address these worries and dispel them with exceptional solutions.

As part of our cloud consulting services, we do all the work to make you successful in your cloud Journey. This includes forecasting your needs and requirements, choosing the right cloud platform, migrating, implementing, and integrating with your IT landscape.

With ToggleNow 's expertise, you can completely transform your SAP landscape, enjoy high return on investment (RoI), and minimize downtime. In addition to helping, you transition your SAP solutions to the cloud, our highly proficient SAP cloud professionals also provide post migration support. Contact us today and we'll walk you through the solutions.

Changing industry demands

New business models that enable
digital core
Greater operational agility, better speed and responsiveness
Improved & support IT
User-defined automation,zero-touch
Auto-remediation of application
An agile, cost-efficient,
secure cloud-based platform

Harness The Power Of Cloud

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Today’s businesses are thriving to accelerate, bring innovations, and reduce the operational costs. ToggleNow can help organizations to transform to AWS for a better results and business benefits . Isn’t it time to begin your journey?

Microsoft Azure

ToggleNow offers an efficient way to move existing SAP landscapes to Azure Platform to save significant costs in the short term and creates new possibilities for innovation and greater competitiveness in the future.

Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

Migrating SAP applications to GCP with ToggleNow allows clients to reduce their TCO by as much as 50%, innovate faster and at scale with near zero downtime. With ToggleNow’s accelerators and capabilities, the transition can be at greater speed and confidence.

Move quickly and easily

Reduce Cost

  • Lower TCO by adapting the right paths.
  • Reduced SAP project costs.
  • Reduced SAP Migration costs.

Faster Transitions

  • Advanced transition automation and orchestration toolkit.
  • Quick, efficient transition from on-prem to the cloud.

Advanced Capabilities

  • BOT based automations to reduce the transition timelines.
  • Automations for auto-scaling.
  • Standard, and customized tailor-made solutions.

Navigate the complex cloud landscape easily with our proprietary transformation platforms myNav and myWizard. Move from on-premise infrastructure to the cloud quickly and confidently with our automation and orchestration toolkit.

Why Choose ToggleNow?

Faster Time-to-Market

ToggleNow’s tool-based framework both speeds up the time-to-market and adds value to your cloud-enabled business transformation projects.

Greater operational agility

We revolutionize your SAP landscape into an agile platform that will help your business processes to run smoother and equip to respond better to market demands.

Better IT Governance

We enable you to improve IT governance with efficient zero-touch monitoring, user-defined automation, and auto-remediation, to name a few.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I move my SAP instances to the cloud?

It’s a tricky question. The answer lies with you. However, moving to the cloud gives access to enterprise-class technology. It allows smaller businesses to act faster than big. Understand your business, and your competitors. You may start with Pay-as-you-go offerings that are available for smaller outfits and complete with the big guys.

Is on Premise cheaper than cloud?

Depending on the needs of a business, there are some instances in which on-premise is cheaper and there are other situations where the cloud is less expensive. However, the majority of the organizations will find that cloud computing will cost them less than on-premise infrastructure. ToggleNow can help you to choose the right one.

Which cloud is best for SAP?

Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud are the mostly used and well-known public cloud providers, while SAP's HEC (Hana Enterprise Cloud) is the most recognized Managed Service solution defined as a private cloud. Depending on your size of SAP landscape, systems, and the business requirements you may choose one.

Do I need to be on HANA for moving to cloud?

If you are on SAP HANA, then you may choose the public cloud providers or opt for the SAP’s HEC platform. However, your other non-SAP HANA systems can be hosted on the public cloud providers. You don’t need to be on HANA for setting up your cloud infrastructure.

What are the licensing requirements for moving SAP to Cloud?

All the cloud providers such as AWS, GCP, and Microsoft has ongoing partnership with SAP to provide SAP-certified infrastructure for all of your SAP systems. You can even choose SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud. There will not be any additional licenses costs, unless you subscribe for a cloud offering. ToggleNow can help you further on this.

What is S4 HANA cloud?

SAP S/4HANA Cloud is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) version of the SAP S/4HANA ERP system. With an ERP system as a cloud-based software version, the provider offers companies a solution that does not depend on their own resources such as internal hardware, databases, and IT expertise. ToggleNow works with various cloud partners to bring the best HANA cloud offering.

What are factors to be considered while migrating applications to cloud?

Firstly, your Business Goals – understand what you are trying to achieve with migrating to cloud. Additionally, Security, Compliance, Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery are few of the options that you may need to see. Remember Data Protection laws such as GDPR etc., have to be considered while choosing the cloud provider.

How do I move SAP to cloud?

In order to help organizations with their cloud journey, ToggleNow is offering a structured service to make the cloud transition smooth. Our team will check the compatibility. Right cloud platforms, support offerings, location requirements, and so on.