About Cloud Offerings

At ToggleNow, we know that CIOs and CISOs worry about downtime and other challenges when it comes to hosting SAP solutions on the cloud. Our expert cloud consulting services are designed precisely to address these worries and dispel them with exceptional solutions.

As part of our cloud consulting services, we take up and orchestrate the process from start to finish - from discussing the SAP cloud platform pricing and roadmap definition to migration, cloud platform implementation, and integration with your IT landscape.

With ToggleNow 's expertise, you can completely transform your SAP landscape, enjoy high return on investment (RoI), and minimize downtime. In addition to helping you transition your S/4HANA digital core to the cloud, our highly proficient SAP cloud professionals also provide post-migration support to ensure that your systems continue to run coherently.

Adapt to changing industry demands with

New business models and technologies that enable digital core on cloud
Greater operational agility, better speed and responsiveness
User-defined automation,
of application
An agile, cost-efficient,
scalable, secure cloud-based platform

Our offerings


A comprehensive cloud migration offering powered by ToggleNow’s Cloud Steps framework, EasyMigrate helps you execute your cloud strategy with a structured, risk-mitigated approach for full-stack migration that includes apps, infrastructure, security and DevOps.

Cloud Security

Migrating to the cloud is always a wise decision. The advantages are clear, but security is often a major concern. That is where ToggleNow’s SAP HANA cloud security service comes in, minimizing the risks of cloud migration and ensuring a smooth, hassle-free transition

Cloud Consulting

At ToggleNow, we know the ins and outs of the SAP cloud platform architecture. We can help you leverage the cloud through successful end-to-end cloud deployment and utilization that are powered by our modernization frameworks and benchmark operating models.

Why Choose ToggleNow?

Faster Time-to-Market

ToggleNow’s tool-based framework both speeds up the time-to-market and adds value to your cloud-enabled business transformation projects.

Greater operational agility

We revolutionize your SAP landscape into an agile platform that will help your business processes to run smoother and equip to respond better to market demands.

Better IT Governance

We enable you to improve IT governance with efficient zero-touch monitoring, user-defined automation, and auto-remediation, to name a few.

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