About RPA

Thanks to robotic process automation (RPA), you can now save time, cut down costs, and free up resources by automating tasks that are data-intensive, time-consuming, and repetitive. Additionally, RPA also plays a great role in streamlining business operations, enhancing productivity and impacting the overall operational efficiency of organizations in a way that cannot be overlooked.

At ToggleNow, we are always at the forefront of technological innovations. As SAP experts, we build innovative automated solutions for SAP solutions to remove various manual functions. Businesses from across industries are utilizing our RPA solutions and benefiting from these intelligent systems that mimic human actions.

Our customized RPA solutions for your SAP environment could accelerate processes by several hours, save up to 80% of your operational costs, and drastically improve service and satisfaction at your customer level. Be it for records maintenance, automatic calculation, digital process automation, or customer support, we can devise an RPA solution that is right for your operational requirements.

Consulting and Robust Digital Roadmap creation
Bot Development
Business Process Automation
SAP-based RPA
Development of Automation Mapping Ecosystem

Why Choose ToggleNow?

Specialized Professionals

Our team is highly specialized in both SAP and in RPA technologies. With extensive experience across sectors, we are aware of industry-based needs and align our solutions to suit.

Intelligent Technology Solutions

Because we partner with industry-leading RPA product vendors, we deliver scalable RPA solutions with integrated cognitive technologies and also provide implementation support.

End-to-end ChatBot Development

We specialize in designing, engineering, testing, deploying, and delivering support for smart chatbots that can engage meaningfully with and address queries from your customers.