Evolve beyond conventional rule-based automation with Intelligent Robotic Process Automation


Thanks to RPA, you can now save time, cut down costs, and free up resources by automating tasks that are data-intensive, time-consuming, and repetitive. Additionally, RPA also plays a great role in streamlining business operations, enhancing productivity, and impacting the overall operational efficiency of organizations in a way that cannot be overlooked.

ToggleNow is a leading provider of advanced robotic process automation (RPA) and intelligent business solutions that significantly enhance SAP systems and help clients streamline their business processes.

We at ToggleNow are building autonomous software to remove redundant tasks. Businesses are using our software across industries and are benefiting from this automation & improvement of service & lowering of their costs.

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ToggleNow Difference

RPA Subject Matter Expertise

Our dedicated team of experts have vast experience reinventing processes, so they can deliver smarter technologies. We've built BOTs for automating various types of tasks in finance, banking, insurance, and other industries.

Cognitive Power + RPA

Combine the power of cognitive technologies with Intelligent RPA. You not only have access to machine learning techniques, but also more accurate automation. Our team is equipped with right expertise in delivering these projects.

Flexible Support Services

We are specialized in end-to-end implementation, support using our flexible support services. We are Automation Anywhere, and UI Path partners and delivered numerous projects using these technologies.

Our Process

RPA-Our Process


DigyBots service is a flexible solution from us that can automate a variety of tasks in SAP NetWeaver and SAP S/4 HANA systems. These BOTs can work in any mode and be customized for your specific business needs.

DigyBots can automate most of the tasks related to Human Resources, Financial Management, Customer Support, Credit Applications, Debt Collection, Material Management, Audit Services and so on.



Our Intelligent Automation services are backed-up with strong technology capabilities, and the right partnerships. ToggleNow works with all the major automation providers such as Automation Anywhere, UI Path, Blue Prism, Electroneek, SAP IRPA and so on.. We help enterprises in process automation and help them in cost optimization. See our success stories.

How have we automated the SAP Firefighter Log Review?

Reviewing SAP EAM Controller Logs is not only a time-consuming activity, but also a tedious task. Mostly, the review happens at a very high-level and might need a detailed approach. See how we have automated the Log reviews using Intelligent RPA BOTs.

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Here is how we have automated the SU53 Analysis & Recommendations.

How many SU53 screen shots does your L1/L2 security team receives in a day? With our Intelligent BOTs, the count can be almost zero. BOT can read every authorization error and based on predefined rules, it can recommend the authorizations.

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Self Service Chatbots that can automate basic support activities.

Regular activities such as password resets, unlocking user IDs, how-to questions, and many other basic activities can be automated with ChatBots. Further, these BOTs can integrated into Slack, Teams, Skype or other messaging application for easy management.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Orchestrated automation? Did ToggleNow has expertise in delivering such automations?

Automation that can be achieved without using RPA BOTs. These are called “Simple Automations” and are easy and quick to implement. ToggleNow has delivered 100+ automation in SAP BASIS, SAP Security, and SAP GRC.

What is Connected RPA?

Connected RPA brings an array of reusable, intelligent automation for the new generation enterprises. These are the digital workers that help enterprises for the fastest way to automate processes in core systems, such as SAP. Enhanced integration capabilities, built-in auditing, and error handling capabilities are value add of Connected RPA.

What is ToggleNow’s expertise in GRC Automation?

ToggleNow has delivered hundreds of SAP GRC automations for organizations worldwide, including Firefighter Log auto review, Emergency Access Management log escalations, Mass Mitigation Control creation and so on.. Further, our team can derive the best automation possibilities for your requirements. Talk to our experts today!

What is ToggleNow’s expertise in using RPA in Auditing?

RPA brings many advantages in audit. Given the many repetitive tasks auditors conduct, RPA can automate various standard steps in audit engagements like gathering all data, documenting audit findings, risk assessments, audit testing, reviews and so on. RPA allows auditors to automate many time-consuming tasks, which frees up their time to focus on higher-value tasks.

How is AI used in Automation?

Artificial Intelligence or AI and Automation are often used interchangeably. While AI mimics human intelligence decisions and actions and eventually supersede human behavior, automation focuses on streamlining repetitive, time consuming and instructive tasks. These two can be utilize to build more smart automation solutions.

Can we develop Chatbots in SAP?

Of course! SAP has its proprietary solution – SAP Conversational AI (CAI), which is a collection of natural language processing (NLP) services. It enables users to build and monitor intelligent chatbots in one interface to automate tasks and workflows. Additionally, Chatbots can be developed using other applications such as Dialog flow etc.,