Conversational ChatBots in SAP Security


Today, SAP is one of the topmost ERP software. SAP meets various challenges that the enterprises are facing today with various Industry-specific solutions. However, when the world is moving towards automation, SAP operations can’t be manual. 

Conversational AI is a new concept that’s being implemented in various sectors to transform their manual processes into automated ones.  Now, SAP solutions can also be powered by Artificial Intelligence & machine learning capabilities. 

SAP security deals with access to the SAP application based on the roles and responsibilities of the individuals. Every day, the support team has to deal with hundreds of individuals, support tickets, phone calls, and so on.

Why to automate?

With an effort to decrement the human efforts in SAP security such as providing access to the applications, performing segregation of duties, where & how to queries, generation of reports, etc., conversational chatbots can be utilized. This will reduce the turnaround time and can be an immediate resolution to the users.

Automating the basic workflow in SAP security is also a possibility with chat-bots. Here’s a video that shows how conversational chat-bots in SAP security changes the way of operations and management. Have a journey with us to experience the new-age digital transformation:

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