Is Your SAP Partner Delivering Things The Right Way? The ToggleNow Difference


Most of the SAP managed services and support providers attempt to sell by showcasing their certifications, partnerships with SAP, and existing clients. However, in 8-10 cases, organizations don’t exactly understand their need and the way in which their partner can help in addressing current challenges.

Should you care that a technology vendor like ToggleNow is a Global SAP partner with core expertise in SAP security, GRC, and various audits when all you require is core support in these areas?

How much do these certifications tell you about the capabilities of the company and the quality of the work that they can deliver?

Here’s what you need to know when you’re choosing a vendor for your SAP security and GRC (technical) services:

Firstly, ask the partners in your list, “what is GRC?” If you hear that it is a software or technology from SAP, then it may be time for you to rethink your decision.

Remember, when it comes to implementing SAP GRC:

Start with G – Governance

Progress to R – Risk Management

Finish with C – Compliance

Installing and configuring SAP GRC software or setting it up doesn’t mean that the organization has implemented SAP GRC. It requires the right approach to identify the key risk areas, draft the right governance structure, and ensure that the right controls are placed. This helps in ensuring that the organization is compliant with rules and regulations.

The policy building should be your next step.

Tips to Select Your Technical SAP Partner

  1. As mentioned, SAP partner’s status or SAP certifications can’t tell you who is the right technical partner. It is recommended to narrow down your search and screen out unqualified providers.
  2. Further, it’s a myth that one partner can better manage the SAP systems and coordinating with this partner would be an easy task. Partners with core expertise will always give the right solutions.
  3. Additionally, we suggest you understand your requirement before reaching out to partners. Don’t just rely on the partner proposal.

ToggleNow is a top SAP Partner with core expertise in SAP Security and GRC

ToggleNow is a SAP build partner with core expertise in areas such as SAP security, SAP GRC, SAP HANA, 2 Factor Authentication (2FA), Multi-factor Authentication (MFA), SAP Archiving, Cyber Security in SAP, etc.

ToggleNow is just not another partner offering 100 various services. We are a niche and we are good at what we do! We only offer services and solutions where we can showcase our expertise and capabilities. Check out the overview of ToggleNow’s solutions and services to learn some of the ways ToggleNow can help you achieve an effective, powerful, and efficient SAP landscape.

Here is a recent review from our customer:

ToggleNow Software Solutions is our right SAP Partner when it comes to SAP GRC services. They have automated around 20 of our processes and eliminated the need for manual validations. Now, our SAP GRC system is almost automated and we are effectively using out our resources in other critical projects. No doubt, we haven’t found any other partner with this level of expertise in the SAP security and GRC space. We highly recommend ToggleNow for any such requirements. – IT Head, a leading FMCG Company

We are ready to create that wow experience to you too.  Reach out to our experts today to know more about ToggleNow’s solutions and services. Make ToggleNow as your SAP partner for any of your SAP security and GRC requirements.

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