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When we speak about technology, we should speak about “Digital Waves”. The technological changes started with the internet, which connected millions of computers, and then mobiles that have removed the communication barriers completely. Further enhancements happened with the convergence of physical and digital devices such as Alexa, Dot, which is followed by the full utilization of BOTs.

However, even in this technology era, many of the organizations are still using traditional approaches and handling various tasks manually. These repetitive tasks not only lead to errors and risks but also leads to financial losses and also cause process disruption, especially when they are handled by unskilled team members.

With the automation capabilities today, at least 6 out of 10 activities in your SAP system can be automated. Be it a simple password reset/account activation, or a complex Accounts Payable process.Automation of tedious mundane tasks can be simplified by utilizing intelligent RPA BOTs in SAP.

Robotic Process Automation aka as RPA brings the digital transformation by increasing the efficiency in delivering quality service to your stakeholders. The BOTs helps to eliminate potential risks that are associated at various levels in managing the business processes. Further, these BOTs can be either used as;

  • Attended – where partial automation is done based on the requirement and the BOTs work with the guidance of humans.
  • Unattended – where end-to-end automation is achieved; bots are supervised by technocrats on their behavior and automation processes from time-to-time. These bots can be trained to take intelligent decisions too

With a motive to bring a digital transformation in SAP business core, we automate processes within your SAP system. Utilizing the benefits of intelligent automation techniques activities such as data collection, master data creation, and maintenance, triggering various actions on demand and improving user productivity by automating repetitive uploads, and scraping data from various sources are the basic things that an organization can start with.

What can be automated?

Let us know what you wish to automate? In a nutshell, we can automate 99% of the activities in SAP using various RPA technologies such as Automation Anywhere, UI Path, Blue Prism, etc., The below image can give you a high-level overview of some of the possible automation:

As most of the organizations believe that automation is a business-elevating and business-transformative aspect, we make it possible! The future, however, holds the excitement in the field of digital transformation meanwhile ToggleNow is on the path in executing this RPA automation in SAP for you. Join us to experience potential, ultimate, powerful, and automated RPA solutions to ensure smooth business operations and greater efficiencies.

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