Why is SAP Licensing Optimization Important?


SAP license optimization- helps in better management of your system

SAP applications are one of the most widely used ERPs in various organizations. If not used wisely SAP licenses can prove very costly to an organization. Although these licenses have a high-demand, selecting the right license is a big challenge. Management of these licenses is another crucial task. The major reason behind SAP license optimization is better management of the licensing contracts and to ensure compliance with SAP terms.

The whole process becomes even more complicated if in case an organization manages multiple SAP systems and third party applications with interfaces to SAP. These systems obviously contain an enormous amount of users. Managing a complex infrastructure like this have a set of drawbacks which makes it a total nightmare.

SAP license optimizations give such organizations an opportunity to unite all these systems and ease the measurement. It also tells the management where they stand today!

Let’s see a few benefits of SAP license optimization.

Makes you compliant with the licensing terms – Optimization of SAP licenses reduces the chances of non-compliance in an audit and sometimes avoids the audits as well.  The topic of SAP indirect access has become another hot-topic in the recent past.  With the Diageo case and the news that SAP is also pursuing $600 million in indirect access licensing from its other customer Anheuser-Busch InBev.

Lower TCO:  Through proper maintenance of licenses with the optimization techniques, the operational costs can be reduced by a significant amount. There are numerous techniques to effectively manage the software assets and licensing posture to reduce the sudden surges in the licensing budget.

Efficient Management: SAP license optimization assists in getting a clear view of usage patterns across all the systems.

The challenge – Optimization is not a single-handed task. In the midst of so many other responsibilities, the last thing a company would want to do is to get involved in such a complicated job. In fact, it is highly impossible for anyone to do this activity manually, and hence, there is a need for an automated solution. Unfortunately, it is not a good right idea to have this automated solution with in-house groomed solution as the licensing rules/terms keep changing from time-to-time.

Optimus – a unique service from ToggleNow, which is helping organizations to reduce this complexity. With the help of a well-defined licensing optimization framework, organizations can gain complete control of the existing licenses and handle them at ground level. Our licensing experts follow a systematic approach to study the existing terms & agreements. Further, do a 360-degree study of the users, patterns of the activities that they are performing, and rarely used or unused licenses to provide a better-consolidated view on various systems.

With the help of Optimus solution, you can re-arrange SAP licenses based on the user activity. It results in the decrease of licensing and management costs to a greater extent and it is proven than our customers have saved around 30% on their planned budgets for software management.

Optimization is necessary and doing it right is even more important. Optimus performs this with the help of real data usage. We believe in providing a little extra, so our solutions include thorough analysis and measurement of actual figures and not potential ones.

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