Workday + SAP GRC


Integrating Workday with SAP GRC

Integrating Workday with SAP GRC for HR triggers (Leavers and Movers) requires specific additional developments. This is different from other integrations because SAP GRC does not have any pre-delivered connector for this integration.

ToggleNow delivered a solution for automating the HR trigger integration with Workday. It makes it easy to capture employee onboarding, offboarding, and position-based changes and automatically create requests in the SAP GRC system.

Subsequently, the relevant customized BRF+ rules are delivered to have a seamless experience.

This saved two resource costs for our customers, and they had an ROI in less than a month.

Which integration do you think can automate your time-consuming process? ToggleNow brings 100+ SAP automations to simplify your existing processes. For over 10 years, we have developed expertise in providing a broad range of solutions to complement customer requirements. Talk to our #Smartsales team today!

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