Firefighter Log Reviews Automation

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The use of RPA in SAP GRC
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About the Firefighter Log Reviews automation

Firefighter log reviews automation is the Intelligent Automation that automatically analyzes SAP GRC Firefighter (EAM) logs and only sends the ones that need a detailed review by controllers.

This automation increased the efficiency of our Firefighter log reviews. Now every log that goes to the Controllers will be dealt with more attention.
- Head of GRC @ An Indian multinational conglomerate

An average number of Firefighter Controller logs generated per month for our client is 1600+, and most of the reviews are performed at a very high level. Firefighter Controllers are taking a lot of time to review the logs and may sometimes miss important findings. Taken together, this means that either the controllers have a high volume of pending logs or all the review comments aren’t being captured.

Our client wants firefighter log reviews automation to automate this system so that only the most critical logs are assigned to the controllers for review. All the other logs should be closed automatically based on the pre-defined rules.

Our Solution
Because it's often surprising how intelligent we are.

We’ve created five pre-defined rules and gone through the process of log reviews automation of automating the review of these logs for their appropriateness. We further added BOT-based review at the 1st stage that will automatically review the log, close/route it based on the pre-defined rules. We then gave our human reviewers the ability to uncover any shortcomings in the logs that are assigned to them by the BOT.

ToggleNow offers automation services for firefighter log reviews, providing a streamlined and efficient process for reviewing and analyzing firefighter logs. Our service uses advanced technology and algorithms to quickly identify important data and trends, allowing fire departments to better understand their operations and make informed decisions. Our solution saves time, reduces errors, and helps improve overall safety and effectiveness.

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