Verity helped a leading textile/chemical company
to manage SOD and Critical Risks?

Our Client

Manage SOD and Critical Risks. Our client is a public limited company and started their chemical and textile business in 1983. The Gujarat based  company manufactures soda ash, which is an important element for production and making of detergent, soap,  etc. Its textile division produces high-quality yarn, Grieg fabric, and other textile products like bed sheets, curtains,  made ups, and cotton yarn.  

What made our client think about Verity?

Our client’s BASIS admin team was manually analyzing risks with risk analysis data, which was updated and maintained manually using spreadsheets. Whenever there were changes in roles or new user/role was to be  added, spreadsheets were updated manually by the team.

The administrator then checked risks for the data  available in the risk analysis spreadsheets. This turned to be an inconvenient task. Most of the times administrators  failed to identify the risks appropriately, and make changes to role/users. This caused various problems in the  system. Hence, many users abruptly got wider access than required. 

Since it is a public limited company, it is mandatory for our client to manage SOD and critical risk. It is a part of the guidelines mentioned by SEBI in Terms of Reference (ToR) and general controls  for managing systems/applications.

How Verity helped
to effectively manage Segregation of Duties

The Advantage

Our client now has a complete knowledge how to manage  SOD and Critical Risks that frequently arises  in the system. Verity helped them in properly managing the mitigation (internal) controls, and get various  alerts/reports when there is a deviation.  

Further, our client can easily generate the risk matrices with the solution to understand the risks caused by  roles.

ToggleNow assisted company to efficiently manage SOD and critical risks. By providing automated monitoring and alerts, ToggleNow enabled the company to identify and address potential conflicts of interest or risks in a timely manner. This resulted in improved compliance, reduced operational costs, and enhanced overall risk management for the organization.

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