Less than 30% of estimated time and costs
A leading conglomerate company in India used xPedite to maintain SU24 check proposals, which took less than 30% of estimated time and costs.

Our Client

Our client is India’s leading business house that generates revenue of around $11 billion every year. From its inception till now, our client is constantly adding business verticals to emerge as a global integrated infrastructure leader. They work in collaboration with businesses with key verticals in resources, logistics, energy, and agro. Their integrated models are efficient enough to adapt to the infrastructure challenges of emerging economies.

The Challenge

Today, regulatory and compliance norms need companies to efficiently manage the working of critical business applications such as SAP. These applications should be secure, adhere to stringent compliance guidelines, contain proper Segregation of Duties, and have limited access to prevent business complications and interruptions. WIthin SAP environment, these challenges of maintaining stringent standards are accomplished with complex SAP security model and regular changes in dynamic global businesses that run SAP.

Looking at these requirements, our client moved forward to restructure the authorizations. They identified 5000+ custom transaction codes that required proper SU24 check proposals. More than 50,000 roles were to be created and modified to eliminate the wider authorizations and Segregation of Duties. All these things were allocated 6 months of time and it was impossible to accomplish these tasks following the manual procedures.

How xPedite helped
to accelerate the project

The Advantage

Now, the custom transaction codes are accurate, contain all the relevant authorization objects, and have proper SU24 check proposals. All the roles are free from Segregation of Duties (no false positives) and now users don’t have wider access than required wrt the custom transaction codes. xPedite implementation not only accelerated the redesign project but also helped in forming a robust, structured, and effective SAP system. All this was completed in 30% of the estimated cost and time.