A leading Tyre manufacturing company of India uses Optimus to

Evaluate & optimize its SAP Licenses

The Pain Area

Our client has various contracts with SAP with a SAP user base of 1900+ users. Managing all of these assignments  manually entails an enormous amount of effort. The licenses are categorized based on the job profile and the  authorizations assigned to the users. Unfortunately, this assignment method does not take into account by SAP  and during an audit, it was identified that majority of the users fall in under the SAP Business Suite Professional user  category. Our client realized the fact that authorizations don’t always correspond to actual usage behavior.  Because of that, uncertainties arose in their licensing classification strategy, which was unavoidable despite of  greatest efforts. 

Our Client

Our client is one of India’s leading tyre manufacturers and has presence in global markets, and has a capacity  of over one lakh Tyres per day in all segments and manufactures radials such as Heavy-duty Trucks, Buses, Light  Commercial Vehicles, Earthmovers, Forklifts, Tractors, Trailers, Cars, Motorcycles and Scooters and Auto rickshaws. It has 6 manufacturing plants in India along with 10 outsourcing units for tyres, tubes and flaps. 

What is Optimus?
Optimus is an ideal SAP license management and optimization service provided by ToggleNow for better management of SAP licenses as per the contracts.

Our optimization is performed based on the real data  usage analysis and not just by the authorizations assigned to them. The intelligent bots can also identify  

duplicate and idle users and recommend the appropriate steps to minimize these unnecessary costs. The  major aim of the Optimus service is to discover the actual usage of all SAP environments from both SAP  named user and indirect usage perspective. 

We dig deeper with our compliant automated solutions to measure the actual figures instead of  potential ones, which is nearly impossible with manual reporting techniques. This involves analyzing  authorizations and statistical data.

Our Expert Solution

With our Optimus service, we evaluated all the existing SAP contracts and designed a customized ruleset for  our client to evaluate the differences in the amount of licenses procured and the right requirement. We further  deployed our proprietary solution to identify the usage behavior of the users and provided the actual  requirement. There are few group of users who are unknowingly fall into the Professional & Limited Professional  category, but are supposed to be at a lower level license category. With this evaluation & optimization, we  were able to make our client 100% compliant and also provided our recommendations to redesign their  authorizations to ensure that the user doesn’t fall into an inappropriate or higher licensing category. We were  able to save around 30% on their budgeted cost for procuring additional licenses.  

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