Have you ever worked in an environment where the uncertainty of project length or client budgeting made it difficult to estimate project timelines?

ToggleNow is committed to providing exceptional services to clients while employing the most cutting-edge development methods. To help achieve growth in the digital age, we work with businesses keeping in mind that each project has unique demands and objectives.

We're experienced enough to work with a diverse array of clients in various industries. This has taught us an immense amount about the unique challenges and opportunities. Our team is brimming with people who can help you succeed despite them, meaning that we've been able to learn exactly what it takes to create the perfect solution.

ToggleNow finds the optimal way to help with every requirement. We'll analyze business dynamics, client expectations, deadlines and timelines, budget allocations, level of skills necessary, and experience of the team members before deciding which one will work best. Thanks to our flexible and experienced teams, who carry deep domain expertise, and our commitment to your success.


Agile methodology
Agile Methodology

Agile is one of the most popular methods for software development. It's focused on collaboration. This method introduces new changes with continuous communication and frequent, short-term software development cycles called iterations.

  • Minimize project risk and focus on people over processes.
  • Better management by dividing tasks into smaller modules called as sprints.
  • Better management by dividing tasks into smaller modules called as sprints.
  • Bifurcate work till the final release.
Waterfall Methodology

The Waterfall method of software development is a widely used process for developing a new product from start to finish. While the Waterfall method can be used for creating new products, it can also be applied to existing products to improve their quality and capabilities.

  • Defined scope, objective, and expectations before the project start.
  • Most effective method for small and mid-sized projects.
  • Well defined requirements.
  • Linear sequential flow of development process.
Waterfall methodology
Scrum methodology
Scrum Methodology

This methodology is appropriate for projects in which requirements change a lot or rapidly that require a lot of flexibility in development process. The project management system in scrum include a brief planning phase for each sprint, daily meetings to identify progress and a final review.

  • Developments moves in a series of sprints or iterations.
  • Flexibility to adapt to emerging business requirements.
  • Faster feedback cycles to stay focused and discover problems.