SAP Audit & GRC Services

Is auditing your ever-evolving business model proving to be a challenge? Have the piling governance, risk and compliance issues started to seem daunting? ToggleNow’s SAP Audit and GRC Services are here to address and resolve all your audit and GRC problems.

Our dynamic service model helps you streamline your internal auditing by simplifying routine processes. We help your business produce authentic documentation, ensure timely audit report generation, and proper organisation of working papers among other activities.

SAP GRC or Governance, Risk and Compliance solutions aid organizations in analyzing, managing and monitoring various aspects of their business. We, at ToggleNow, offer services to help our clients manage regulations, analyze and remove potential risks and monitor the organization’s key operations.

SAP Audit & GRC Services

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Our Service Offerings

Security Implementation

We offer expert advice on all compliance, direction and response related issues that might arise in your SAP software. Our security experts work closely with the organization to pinpoint vulnerabilities and weigh their impact before eliminating them methodically. This gives your SAP environment iron-clad security.

GRC Implementation

Our multi-faceted GRC implementation services cater to all the different phases of the SAP GRC life cycle; from planning and preparation to implementation and up-gradation. We offer holistic solutions which include access control, process control, fraud management and risk management.

Identity Management (IDM)

ToggleNow has a rich pool of experienced professionals who are adept at handling IDM tools and work relentlessly towards offering tailored identity management solutions to organizations. Our intelligent service packages cover everything from implementation, support to optimization, steering the SAP system towards optimal performance.

Control Management and Automation

Digitizing internal controls can cut down on errors and save time. ToggleNow helps you achieve that by offering a comprehensive set of tools which can be used to automate the management of internal controls using intuitive processes like alert generation, auto reporting, etc. This effectively removes the need for manual intervention.

ITGC and Business Audits

ToggleNow can help you prepare for your SAP ITGC and business audits. Our team of skilled professionals conduct a thorough analysis of user integrity, authorizations, operations and programs to generate authentic reports and make your organization audit-ready. With our services, you can save hundreds of hours.

License Management

With the help of intelligent license management services, our professionals work towards maximizing your revenue, thus aiding in faster growth. We digitally enhance your business to ensure regulatory compliance, the legality of operations and effective SAP named user monitoring.

Why Choose ToggleNow?

Dynamic Resource Pool

ToggleNow has a wealth of skilled and experienced professionals who proficiently handle various projects in SAP Security, GRC AC, GRC PC, RM and Fraud Management.


We offer competitive service packages which include tailored GRC services offered by skilled and knowledgeable experts.

Customized Services

We work with your business model in mind and generate customized service packages which take care of all aspects of your business, from performance, costs, flexibility to security.