Tweak application, not your business process


More than 62% of SAP customers have either changed existing business processes or entirely de-commissioned the application within the organization, due to various application complexities.

Meet TweakGRC, a unique service offering from ToggleNow that helps you optimize your SAP GRC processes through customizations that perfectly fit your business requirements.

With our best experience and the Subject Matter Expertise, we help you make the most of your SAP GRC application by tweaking it to fit your specific business requirements such as automating manual tasks, and utilize features that were un-utilized.

We study your requirements and implement the necessary tweaks in the SAP GRC application to ensure that those activities are completely automated. Your SAP GRC thus becomes more efficient and optimized.

TweakGRC Offerings

Gap Analysis

We perform a thorough analysis, in keeping with your business requirements, processes, and pain points while working with SAP GRC, and identify gaps in your business performance.


We then develop solutions, after the gap analysis, to tweak your SAP GRC. Manual processing time and potential human error are both considerably reduced by automation of functions.


Once our automations are implemented, be assured that your usage of SAP GRC is optimized for maximum efficiency. Access and utilize the resources of your GRC suite, to the fullest.

Why Choose TweakGRC?

Enhanced Results

We ensure enhanced results by analyzing and filling gaps in your SAP GRC solution. We customize your SAP GRC modules so that you don’t have to change your in-house processes to suit your SAP GRC - not the other way around!

Better Time Management

We automate what we can so that you don’t have to spend hours manually performing simple repetitive tasks. We also make the application more user-friendly and open, thus saving precious time and improving performance.

Risk Monitoring

TweakGRC automates repetitive manual tasks, saving time and money on human resources. It also helps you save through better time management - resulting in quick returns on your investment!

Case Studies

Understand our approach of Integrating Darwinbox with SAP GRC Access Control 10x for HR Triggers.

View Case study

Learn to tweak the SAP GRC application with a simple enhancement for automating GRC AC mitigation control.

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Implementation of xPedite aided a conglomerate infrastructure leader in redesigning its authorizations faster.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does ToggleNow customize the standard SAP GRC application?

Yes. However, before we make any enhancements to the standard application, we identify the business requirements and look for the right automation spots. Incase if there are no enhancement capabilities, we customize the standard application.

Will there be any impact in future SAP GRC upgrades?

It depends on the enhancement. Not all the enhancements have a dependency. However, we will provide complete details on the potential impacts before taking up any task. Our team can further step-in to resolve any issues during an upgrade.

Do the customizations require additional licensing requirements?

No. We use the standard development workbench tools and thus the customizations or enhancements does not require any additional licenses. We have delivered 100+ SAP GRC enhancements and customizations till date and we are much aware of these requirements.

Does your team provide non-sap integrations?

ToggleNow is specialized in such integrations. We delivered integrations using various middleware applications (called as GRC adapters), and direct integrations using oDATA, BAPIs, and other solutions. Check out our case studies to know more.