SAP GRC Implementation and Support Services


GRC is an essential business strategy to ensure corporate governance, mitigate enterprise risks, and maintain compliance with regulatory policies. Many enterprises that opt for SAP GRC solutions find it difficult to effectively and successfully implement or utilize those solutions.

Our experience has taught us that every company needs to be audited in its own way. Therefore, our team offers tailor-made solutions & services for SAP GRC designed by considering your company's goals and audit requirements. Our services cover the following solutions of SAP GRC and our subject matter team offers quality service and guidance, GRC strategy planning, design, implementation, and enhancements of the application.

ToggleNow offers both onsite and offsite after-implementation support and planning help through experienced resources for organizations that wish to outsource their GRC maintenance.

Why GRC Transformation?

More than 75% of the SAP implementations are using the SAP systems with unstructured authorization setup, and it’s the truth.

proper Management of Segregation of Duties
Reduced time and cost for
Greater visibility of the organization wide risks
Reducing audit runtimes
and plans
Monitoring of critical business processes
Improved process of
Decision-making through data validations
Quick and easy Validation of compliance standards

SAP GRC Portfolio

SAP Access Control

Manage Segregation of duties, automated user provisioning,super user management, and authorization management. Streamline your authorizations with a single point tool.

SAP Process Control

Comprehensive management to document, testing, monitoring and certifying the company's internal controls. A tool that can be used to configure and manage the internal controls with pre-delivered automated and semi-automated controls.

SAP Risk Management

SAP Risk Management provides a comprehensive, enterprise-wide solution for managing all types of risks and driving collaboration and consistency across the organization. It allows organizations to identify and assess the risks that drive business value.

SAP Audit Management

Enhance audit quality and provide trusted insights to your audit teams with SAP Audit Management solution. It helps internal auditors perform timely risk assessments that drives high value issues and creates keener insights with real-time audit analytics.

SAP Business Integrity Screening

Detect fraud and investigate suspicious patterns faster. With it’s real-time early warning detection rules to identify and stop anomalous transactions, BIS can detect the potential fraud cases early with it’s powerful calibration and simulation features.

SAP Enterprise Thread Detection

SAP ETD identify security lapses in SAP applications efficiently with its real-time data processing combination of smart data streaming services (SDS) and the SAP HANA platform. It builds confidence in overall cybersecurity solution strategy and helps ensure systemwide security compliance.

Why Choose ToggleNow?


Highly Experienced Team

ToggleNow’s team consists of Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) and consultants who come with a cumulative experience of 200+ man years in implementing and maintaining SAP-based projects.


Industry Exposure

We have extensive domain knowledge and understand the specific needs of organizations across industries.


Cost-Effective Services

We help you choose only the best solutions and offer disruption-free implementation services, all while tightly adhering to your budget.

Our Service Offerings

GRC Advisory & Planning

We offer end-to-end consultation services on GRC strategizing, respond to queries, and resolve any issues you may be facing as you journey through the implementation process.

Solution Selection

We help you cut down on unwanted purchases and select only the right products and solutions to help you set up, maintain or upgrade your SAP GRC.

Legacy Integrations

We provide end-to-end implementation support for the integration of third-party applications with your SAP GRC suite.

Support Services

Our support services include audit activities, access request handling, incident management, and technology management.

GRC Diagnostics

We undertake 360o analysis and provide you with detailed ratings and reports on the health of your GRC environment.

GRC Audit

We provide assistance in carrying out periodic, thorough audits of your SAP systems and offer recommendations that will help you improve your GRC processes.

Its time to solve business challenges with GRC!

Know how companies are leveraging our GRC solutions to manage risks and ensure compliance with multiple standards across the enterprise.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is SAP GRC a cyber security solution?

GRC stands for Governance, Risk, and Compliance, aiming to assure that an organization reliably achieve its objectives, addresses uncertainty and acts with integrity. Some of the solutions in the GRC portfolio brings the Cyber security features, but the primary focus of SAP GRC is Risk, Audit and Fraud Management rather than Cyber security.

How ToggleNow can help us with in our GRC transformation journey?

If you are charting the SAP GRC future, ToggleNow could be your right partner. We are here to help you realize the true value of SAP GRC. Having spent years in implementing and working with several GRC tools across industries, our experts have rich hands-on experience in implementing, supporting and maintaining successful meaningful initiatives using GRC solutions.

What is ToggleNow’s experience in GRC implementations?

As a leading SAP Partner, we help enterprises in their GRC success journey. Over the years, we have worked with several enterprises in making their SAP GRC implementations successful. Our SMEs have helped the clients in past in their SAP GRC journey. Be it a regular SAP GRC Managed Services, or a complex integration, we have the expertise.

Does ToggleNow offer SAP GRC Customizations?

Yes. Our offerings include GRC SaaS solutions, consulting services and custom development services, called as TweakGRC. For over a decade, ToggleNow is helping enterprises on in their quest to comply with the myriad of regulations which are enforced globally. We give importance to keep your business processes AS IS and the focus is on tweaking the solution.

Does ToggleNow have its own GRC solutions?

Yes. ToggleNow has a list of solutions that addresses some of the key business requirements. Some of them are complimentary solutions to SAP GRC and some of them are unique in its features. ToggleNow helps enterprises in automating their processes to make them structured. Our solutions help enterprises to understand and develop controls to prevent fraud and manage risks efficiently.

Does ToggleNow user any SAP GRC Rapid Deployment Solutions (RDS)?

ToggleNow has its own Rapid Deployment and project acceleration tools that are used extensively in the SAP GRC Implementation, and SAP GRC Upgrade projects. In addition, our experts impart the industry best practices and SAP recommend implementation approaches for a faster implementation or upgrades.