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Empower your enterprise with robust SAP GRC solutions for enhanced governance and risk management.

Monitor & Control
Activities in SAP

At ToggleNow, our approach to SAP GRC projects goes beyond conventional practices. We leverage proven methodologies, crafting tailored rulesets for precise monitoring aligned with your system landscapes. Our focus extends beyond mere implementation—we prioritize bespoke solutions, accounting for your industry nuances, budget, and timelines, ensuring robust governance and risk mitigation. Recognizing that many organizational challenges stem from lapses in internal controls, we emphasize the pivotal role of tailored controls in fortifying key business processes, thereby identifying and proactively mitigating potential risks.

Monitor & Control
Activities in SAP

GRC Capabilities

SAP Access Control

Experience Top-Tier SAP Access Control Solutions with ToggleNow. Our Services include Implementation, Upgrades, and Unparalleled Support Backed by Exceptional Subject Matter expertise.

SAP Process Control

Discover Exceptional Service with ToggleNow. Our SAP Process Control Services Span SAP PC Implementation, Upgrades, Control Optimization, Definition, Automation, Customization, and Reliable Support.

SAP Risk Management

Explore Our unique SAP Risk Management Solutions. Benefit from SAP RM Implementation, RCM Definition, and Seamless Integration of SAP RM with SAP PC and Audit Management for Comprehensive Risk Mitigation.

SAP Audit Management

Explore our unique SAP Audit Management solutions. Benefit from SAP AM implementation, Audit Universe setup, and seamless integration with SAP PC and SAP RM.


Leverage the Benefits of SAP Cloud Identity and Access Governance (IAG) on the SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP) with ToggleNow. We Offer Expertise in Implementing Cloud IAG and seamlessly Integrating SAP Access Control with Cloud IAG, alongside other Cloud Applications like SuccessFactors and Ariba.


Deploy SAP Enterprise Threat Detection with Expert Guidance from ToggleNow. Our Services Encompass Implementation, Detection Pattern Setup, and Ongoing Support for SAP ETD, Demonstrating Proficiency Across the Spectrum of Threat Detection.

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Dynamic Resource Pool

Dynamic Resource Pool

ToggleNow has a wealth of skilled and experienced professionals who proficiently handle various projects in SAP Security, GRC AC, GRC PC, RM and Fraud Management.



We offer competitive service packages which include tailored GRC services offered by skilled and knowledgeable experts.

Customized Services

Customized Services

We work with your business model in mind and generate customized service packages which take care of all aspects of your business, from performance, costs, flexibility to security.

Success Stories

A case study on analyzing Custom Transaction codes and updating the Risk Ruleset

A case study on analyzing Custom Transaction codes and updating the Risk Ruleset

In today’s dynamic business landscape, many SAP customers leverage custom transaction…

Case study on SAP Licensing Optimization

Case study on SAP Licensing Optimization

Today’s business environment requires the efficient management of SAP licensing, though…

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