SAP HANA is an intelligent in-memory data platform which helps you harness your data’s power. ToggleNow’s SAP HANA services employ experienced professionals who ensure effective implementation of advanced analytics across hybrid and multi-cloud environments.

We offer perceptive services which cater to the various aspects of SAP HANA, from implementation, migration to cloud integration using Rapid Deployment Solutions. Not only speed and efficiency, but our services also ensure security for your data, offering holistic business solutions for every kind of business.

With our SAP HANA services, we help you unleash the full potential of your data and equip your systems for next-generation transactions and data analytics.

Maximize your business potential With SAP S/4 HANA

Is It the Right Time for S/4 HANA

Many of our clients ask us if S/4 HANA is matured and is accepted by other clients as a part of their digital transformation. We just ask them to experience it!



SAP Digital Core

Enable digital transformation to become an Intelligent Enterprise.

Real-time Analytics

Optimize your executive strategy with better insights and decision making.

Lower TCO

Improve efficiency, increase availability and predictability with SAP S/4 HANA.

Deployment Options

Enable and accelerate your digital innovation by leveraging various deployment options.

Why Choose ToggleNow?


Flexible Services

ToggleNow offers flexible services that conform to your business’s specific structural and operational requirements. Our experts work closely with your team to understand, predict and deliver tailored solutions which are designed to generate growth.


Sustainable Support

Our support services are curated to help you navigate a newly configured system and resolve all possible complications that might arise once it goes live. A team of consultants and experts works ceaselessly to ensure smooth functioning throughout the system’s lifecycle.


Effective Solutions

Our SAP HANA services are cost-effective and time-efficient. What’s more, we also minimize any risks you are likely to face in the process of building and running a top-of-the-line SAP HANA environment.

Our Service Offerings

HANA Implementation

We offer efficient end-to-end implementation for your HANA platform, right from planning and installation to operations - enabling you to reach peak performance. With our implementation services, you can maximize the benefits of using your data.

Annual Maintenance and Support

Our maintenance and support packages combine expertise with carefully curated SAP HANA management and support models that help you reach business goals and consistently improve business performance.

HANA Migration/Optimization

We provide flexible, low-cost and low-risk deployment options carried out by experienced consultants and subject matter experts, designed to help you achieve smooth HANA migration and optimization.

HANA Cloud Integrations (HCI)

ToggleNow’s HANA Cloud Integration services offer optimal support to configurators, administrators and business analysts for SAP data integration and meeting the evolving needs of changing business structures.

SAP HANA Predictive Analytics

We create powerful and intuitive applications for your business with the help of SAP HANA’s Predictive Analytics, helping you predict the future outcomes for your business and steer it towards growth.

HANA Code Optimization

We provide unhindered support and code optimization services even after your system goes live to provide an approach that best corresponds to your business’s needs. This ensures that technology resources are used optimally.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What unique service offers does ToggleNow provides?

ToggleNow with it’s vast experience in supporting SAP landscapes brings the right customized services such as Nextgen AMS, COP4SAP (a unique platform to manage the SAP instances from a central location) and so on. We don’t just offer a set of services that any other provider does, but we add our expertise on top of it.

What is Rise with SAP? Can ToggleNow support us with it?

Rise with SAP is an offering that helps enterprises in their Digital Transformation journey. It brings together everything you need to transform your business in the way that works best for you. ToggleNow can help you move in this journey brining the right solutions, tools, and expertise.

Can ToggleNow assist in our SAP S/4 HANA Cloud journey?

ToggleNow brings the right tools & expertise to make your cloud journey simpler and fast. We carry expertise in various public and private cloud migrations. Our expertise includes Google Cloud (GCP), Amazon Cloud (AWS), Azure, and so on.

We need Shared service model to support our SAP HANA platform. Does ToggleNow support it?

Ofcourse! One of the USPs of ToggleNow is to offer services at a lesser cost. Nextgen AMS is one of such unique offering that can be customized completely to fit in your business needs. Talk to our smart sales team today to know which package fits better for you.