About TweakGRC Services

Are you stuck changing the internal processes of your business to fit your SAP GRC tools and modules? More than 62% of SAP customers have either changed existing business processes or entirely de-commissioned the application within the organization, due to process complexities. Meet TweakGRC, a unique service that helps you optimize your SAP GRC processes through customizations that perfectly fit your business requirements.

With our best of the best TweakGRC services, we help you make the most of your SAP GRC application by tweaking them to fit your specific business requirements such as automating manual tasks, and utilize features that were hitherto inaccessible.

Our service is simple - if you face any issue with your SAP GRC, as a result of which you’re doing certain activities manually, we study your requirements and implement the necessary tweaks to ensure that those activities become completely automated. Your SAP GRC thus becomes more efficient and optimized.

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TweakGRC Offerings

Gap Analysis

We perform a thorough analysis, in keeping with your business requirements, processes, and pain points while working with SAP GRC, and identify gaps in your business performance.


We then develop solutions, after the gap analysis, to tweak your SAP GRC. Manual processing time and potential human error are both considerably reduced by automation of functions.


Once our automations are implemented, be assured that your usage of SAP GRC is optimized for maximum efficiency. Access and utilize the resources of your GRC suite, to the fullest.

Why Choose TweakGRC?


Enhanced Results

We ensure enhanced results by analyzing and filling gaps in your SAP GRC solution. We customize your SAP GRC modules so that you don’t have to change your in-house processes to suit your SAP GRC - not the other way around!


Better Time Management

We automate what we can so that you don’t have to spend hours manually performing simple repetitive tasks. We also make the application more user-friendly and open, thus saving precious time and improving performance.


Quick Return on Investment

TweakGRC automates repetitive manual tasks, saving time and money on human resources. It also helps you save through better time management - resulting in quick returns on your investment!