SAP User Management Automation

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Is manual user management taking up your valuable time?

Are you looking for a single point-of-control
that makes user management simple and easy as you scale?

Accelerate comes with powerful features
and capabilities that automate user management.


Accelerate by ToggleNow eliminates the need for manual intervention in SAP user management, speeding up day-to-day SAP security activities and keeping the system audit ready at all times.

Accelerate is embedded with a configurable workflow which makes it easy to mirror your organization’s manual approval process for user requests and automate it completely. It streamlines SAP user management with a phased workflow, embedded compliance risk analysis, and automatic provisioning of approved user changes.

With tools for management of tickets, approvals, provisioning, and risk analysis, Accelerate makes the entire process flow seamlessly.

Features of Accelerate

Easy SAP Integration

Accelerate can be integrated with any NetWeaver or HANA-based SAP systems in less than 30 minutes. Accelerate can also handle multiple connectors.

Automated Workflows

Approval workflows can be configured quickly and easily without the need for complex coding. Accelerate also support approver groups, and delegations.

Multiple Identity Providers

Accelerate supports multiple identity providers, be it the local management, SAP, or LDAP. All you need is to mention the source and Accelerate can validate it.

Industry Rulebooks

Accelerate supports all the industry-recommended rulebooks. You can easily configure your risks in the Accelerate application.

User-friendly Screens

As the admin of your ensite organization, you can access a single, powerful dashboard with all the information you need.

Single Point of Control

In addition to efficiently managing large volumes of users and roles, Verity helps you stay compliant with various laws, including SoX, JSoX, SEBI Clause 49, and so on.

Why Choose Accelerate?

Reduced IT costs

Our SAP consulting team recommends Accelerate not only to speed up SAP User Management & Administration tasks, but also to free up IT and security resources who can then focus their time, and energy on more complex tasks.

All-in-One Solution

With Accelerate, all requests, approvals, provision logs within the organization can be made available in a single place. It makes the user management process seamless and completely paperless.

Always-on Audit Readiness

With Accelerate, you can cut down on audit preparation costs because you are in a constant state of audit-readiness, maintaining all review and approval documentation and ensuring adherence to the compliance process.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which Technology Accelerate is built on?

Accelerate is built on a robust Java Framework and is completely secured. We further took utmost care in performing all the relevant testing such as Vulnerability Assessment, Penetration Testing and so on. We make sure you are secure.

Does Accelerate use free version of database?

No. Accelerate needs an enterprise database such as Oracle. ToggleNow is Oracle’s ISV partner and provides these enterprise database license at the best price. Further, our clients can procure the license directly.

Can I connect non-SAP systems to Accelerate?

Accelerate is currently designed and integrated with SAP ECC, S/4 HANA, SAP BIW, SAP CRM, SAP SRM and other SAP NetWeaver systems. Incase if our customers has a requirement to integrate Accelerate with non-SAP systems, we can take it up.

Can Accelerate be hosted as an on-prem solution?

Ofcourse, Accelerate can be implemented either as an on-prem or cloud solution. When it is hosted on the cloud, we use dedicated cloud such as AWS, Azure, Google Cloud and other private cloud platforms. We never use tenant databases.

Can I setup my own approval workflows in Accelerate?

Yes. Accelerate is completely customizable. It uses the no-code concept and offers user friendly screens. The workflows can be changed in run-time and there is no dependency on the configurations. What else you need to make your approval flow simple?

Is Accelerate an SAP Certified Application?

Accelerate is a part of our Audit Arrays solution portfolio and is certified by SAP. We will provide the necessary documentation as required by our clients. Further, we take utmost care to ensure the product is updated and is secured.