Are you worried about SAP auditing - an essential, yet challenging part of effective business management?

Are you a small- or medium-sized business unable to leverage SAP’s own GRC suite because it is too vast or expensive for you?

This is is where, ToggleNow’s cost-effective and yet equally efficient alternative suite - Audit Arrays - comes in!

Most organizations struggle with issues raised by auditors, especially when it comes to the master data within their SAP ERP system.

Audit Arrays is a suite of innovative, intuitive, and intelligent products designed and developed by SAP-certified professionals who have years of experience working on SAP authorizations, governance risk and compliance (GRC), automations, and more such projects. Built with a powerful set of algorithms, Audit Arrays helps you stay in control of the data in every area of your SAP ERP - whether financial accounting, sales and distribution, inventory management, procurement or more.

These products constantly monitor your SAP system for potential risks and fraudulent transactions at the master and transactional data levels. They also generate notifications based on predefined rules, alerting the respective process control owners or business owners to review and take action without any delay.

A Complete Suite of Products to Manage and Monitor Compliance in SAP Systems

Why choose Audit Arrays?

Highly Customizable

With Audit Arrays, you can easily pick and choose just those products you really need for your organization. Each customizable product within the Audit Arrays suite can be tailored to suit your specific business needs.

Cost-Effective Solutions

When compared to other GRC solutions, Audit Arrays is extremely cost-effective. This is especially true thanks to the provision to purchase individual products within the suite rather than the entire suite of products.

No Compromise on Functionality

The products within Audit Arrays are only add-ons. Therefore, they do not change, remove, or migrate any business process or data from the SAP system.

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