Save 95% of your helpdesk costs with automation!

Approximately 65% requests are handled manually today that can be automated!
Kick start your technology transformation with Easy Access for SAP GRC!

Easy Access transforms the SAP GRC Access Control experience by providing user-friendly solutions for SAP Access Requests. This solution introduces various self-service options and offers a customizable, rich user interface. Brand the application according to your preferences and reduce reliance on L1/L2 teams, enhancing user autonomy and usability.

Simplify User Self Service with
ToggleNow’s Easy Access

Centralized Self-Service Solution

With Easy Access, users can swiftly handle GRC requests, password resets, FFID requests, validity extensions and many other tasks with just a few clicks, simplifying their workflow effectively.

One-Click Solutions

Easy Access offers numerous one-click solutions, enabling users to perform activities like validity extension, password reset, unlocking, FFID extension, and deletion swiftly. All with a click!

Retrofit Solution

Easy Access seamlessly integrated as an Add-On to your SAP GRC System. Implemented in just 2 days, it’s a comprehensive retrofit application with no dependencies, offering enhanced functionalities without disrupting your existing setup.

Quick ROI

Easy Access Accelerates ROI by Reducing Support Tickets by up to 70%. Free your support team for higher-value engagements without incurring additional operational or cloud costs.

Transform your SAP GRC system effortlessly!

Experience the power of streamlined user management with Easy Access. Unlock efficiency today!

Why Easy Access?

Experience effortless User Management

Easy Access revolutionizes SAP GRC by providing a unified interface for users to perform multiple operations seamlessly, from extending validity to requesting and extending Firefighter access with just a click.

Simplified Request Management

The transition from legacy SAP GRC NWBC screens to the modern SAP UI5-based access screen with Easy Access. Enjoy a unified interface across SAP systems and explore integration possibilities with SAP IRPA Conversative chatbots.

User-Friendly interface

With Easy Access, users no longer need to recall role names or select from a list. Simply add transaction codes, and the solution suggests the appropriate roles hassle-free. 

Numerous additional capabilities that contribute to enhancing your risk posture.

Frequently asked questions

Questions you might have about our solution

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Yes, Easy Access for SAP GRC is a retrofit application that seamlessly integrates with your existing SAP GRC system. It will not impact your current NWBC screens, allowing you to continue using them.

Absolutely! Easy Access for SAP GRC is compatible with SAP NetWeaver stack 750 or higher and supports SAP GRC 10, 10.1, and SAP GRC 12. Additionally, no extra hardware is required for its utilization.

Not at all! Easy Access for SAP GRC acts as a wrapper solution, ensuring seamless integration without affecting any future SAP GRC upgrades. In the rare event of issues, our team is ready to provide any assistance.

Yes, it offers versatile user authentication sources, including SAP GRC, Active Directory, or LDAP. Integration with other authentication systems like SAP HCM is also feasible based on your specific requirements. Just inform us of your needs!

Presently, direct connectivity to cloud systems like SAP BTP, SAP IAG, or SAP FCM is not supported. However, if you utilize SAP IAG as part of a Bridge scenario, Easy Access can be extended to provide additional functionality.

Integration capability relies on the non-SAP solution’s support for Restful APIs. Easy Access facilitates integration provided your non-SAP solution is compatible with Restful APIs.

Still have questions?

Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Please contact with our SMEs.

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