Is SAP GRC audit management holding you back from spending time on actual problem-solving?

Are you limited by manual audit management and looking to speed up the process?

GAMS 360 is an easy-to-use GRC audit management system that comes with high-end reporting capabilities.

An intelligent enterprise doesn’t just implement GRC and leave it, it even makes it’s GRC as the one that leverages data-driven insights to drive automated decisions and actions.

GAMS360 is a GRC Audit Management System - a web application designed to help organizations monitor their SAP GRC Access Control. It is an efficient solution that helps organizations manage the risks associated with their SAP GRC Access Control application. GAMS360, like the name suggests, comes with 360-degree reporting capability which can keep your SAP environment audit-ready. This innovative wrapper application for SAP GRC access control offers high-level reporting and control cards for easy reporting and monitoring.

GAMS360 also comes with ready to use ITGC reports which can be applied across your SAP system - with such comprehensive reports, you can identify the sensitive areas in your SAP environment and ensure that the necessary actions are taking before significant damage can be inflicted.


Reports & Control Cards

60+ report, control and ITGC cards to monitor your GRC system more efficiently. You can use drag and drop tools and widgets to efficiently manage the cards.

Ready-to-download Reports

Easy-to-download reports and control cards which can be saved as editable CSV, XLS files or PDFs. You can also visualize important findings for drawing more accurate inferences.

Benefits of GAMS360

Plug And Play

GAMS360 can be installed on your existing SAP GRC system without requiring any additional hardware or software.

Reduce Audit Timelines

With GAMS360, you can adopt an efficient and strategic role and choose high-values anomalies for further investigations.

Collaborate Efficiently

Enable your auditors to assess risks at a greater speed with the right reports across your business operations.

Why Choose GAMS360?

Around 49% of companies which use SAP report being a victim of fraudulent activities as a result of not identifying blind spots in their SAP environment. GAMS360 can help you identify areas in your SAP environment where potentially fraudulent activities are taking place, through its comprehensive reporting and access control monitoring capabilities. Ultimately, by identifying such areas and taking immediate action, you can avoid audit surprises and keep your systems clean and audit-ready.

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