Empower Your Security Landscape with GAMS360

A Comprehensive SAP UI5-Based Solution for Robust Control & Compliance Management.

Experience an SAP UI5 dashboard application with seamless integration capabilities for Power BI visualizations. Empower your senior management with comprehensive control over users, authorizations, and processes. GAMS360 enables enhanced oversight of various operations, highlighting anomalies for quick identification. Aligned with ITGC and ITAC controls, GAMS360 facilitates easy and rapid audits, providing a robust solution for governance and compliance.

An intelligent enterprise doesn’t just implement GRC and leave it, it even makes it’s GRC as the one that leverages data-driven insights to drive automated decisions and actions.

GAMS360 is a GRC Audit Management System – a web application designed to help organizations monitor their SAP GRC Access Control. It is an efficient solution that helps organizations manage the risks associated with their SAP GRC Access Control application. GAMS360, like the name suggests, comes with 360-degree reporting capability which can keep your SAP environment audit-ready. This innovative wrapper application for SAP GRC access control offers high-level reporting and control cards for easy reporting and monitoring.

Elevate your audits with our next
generation analytical application!

Audit data is
never historic

GAMS360 picks the data directly from the GRC and the backend systems and is considered as real- time data. With dynamic reporting capabilities, it offers up-to-the- minute insights, keeping your audit data current and actionable for effective decision-making.

70+ ready to
use Report cards

Benefit from over 70 pre-built IT General Control (ITGC), Application Control (ITAC), and SAP GRC Report Cards, ready for immediate deployment. These robust, pre- configured assets expedite compliance and audit readiness effortlessly.

Eliminates Fraud

By leveraging advanced monitoring and control mechanisms, it actively identifies and flags potential fraudulent cases during the reporting within the system, ensuring a secure and trustworthy operational environment.

Completely customizable

Enjoy the flexibility of customizing GAMS360. Adaptable to diverse audit needs. Tailored to fit and adjust as per specific requirements, it ensures a personalized, efficient user experience for seamless operations.

Ready to streamline your SAP audits?

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Features of GAMS360

Plug and Play

GAMS360 can be implemented on your existing SAP GRC system. No additional hardware or software is needed, ensuring a hassle-free implementation process. Enjoy the benefits without the complexities, as GAMS360 readily adapts to your system’s infrastructure, saving time and resources.

Reduce Audit Timelines

With GAMS360, optimize your audit processes by taking a proactive and strategic approach. Identify and prioritize high-value anomalies swiftly, empowering your team to focus on critical areas for further investigations. This streamlines audit timelines, allowing for a more efficient allocation of resources and efforts.

Collaborate Efficiently

Enable your auditors with the right tools for swift risk assessment across diverse business operations. GAMS360 equips your team with comprehensive reports, fostering faster evaluation and decision-making. This enhanced collaboration enhances agility in addressing risks, ensuring a more responsive and informed approach to audit management.

Numerous additional capabilities that contribute to enhancing your risk posture.

Frequently asked questions

Questions you might have about our solution

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GAMS is built on SAP UI5 framework, utilizing pre-defined controls and data bindings. It can be implemented on an Embedded SAP Gateway system or a Central Hub system
Absolutely! GAMS360 features 100+ pre-defined SAP Security, GRC Baseline, Fraud Management, and ITGC Controls. Additionally, our team can customize it further as per client requirements.
Yes, while GAMS360 is an individual reporting application, it’s rooted in SAP GRC basics. It can serve as a central reporting system, integrating standard SAP GRC reports to provide a unified platform.
Implementation timelines vary based on the SAP landscape. Generally, it takes 15-30 working days for application implementation and configuration. Our team furnishes a detailed plan before project commencement.
Not currently, but our Subject Matter Experts are actively developing controls to meet compliance needs. We’re open to discussing and incorporating specific EU GDPR and CCPA controls upon request.
GAMS360 specializes in detective controls, but we’re adept at implementing preventive controls tailored to client specifications. Contact our Subject Matter Experts to explore your control needs today!
Still have questions?

Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Please contact with our SMEs.

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