Tailor made Application Managed Services for SAP and ERP


Conventional outsourcing services are only effective when you have a clearly defined activities to be delivered. When signing up your AMS contract, have you asked yourself, "What task will this service help me accomplish?"

ToggleNow helps to maximize the potential of SAP by creating robust, value adding solutions that are designed to help you run your business smoothly. We provide industry specific solutions for business outcomes. We keep you informed about progress in each step of the project.

NextGen - our flexible yet innovative SAP AMS service enables us to provide an array of support services, including break fix, testing, ongoing application patching, end-user resolution, enhancements etc. in relation to SAP application and additional third-party interfaces & applications. You'll achieve more than just better productivity with us and is completely customized to fit in your business needs.

How Do We Take You There?

Nextgen-How Do We Take

Embrace new technologies

ToggleNow brings in a lot of innovation, optimization, and automation to enhance information technology operations. Our NextGen AMS model helps you achieve faster time to market with minimal business disruption and greater savings. We embrace new technologies that enable us to provide you with better service at lower cost. Our NextGen AMS model with extreme offshoring enables you to reach your stakeholders faster.

What NextGen AMS Brings

Technology + Innovation

We will help you make the most of your existing SAP landscape. We'll create a plan to transition to an environment by adding the latest technologies that make it easier for you to take advantage of your existing infrastructure. This is your first step towards digital transformation. Remember, Automation and intelligent systems will help you make the most efficient use of every employee and improve business processes.

The Right Transition

We use proven, business-focused approaches to help your organization manage the enormous changes involved in digital transformation. We utilize the 3-step approach that includes process transformation, technology transformation, and business transformation. Our subject matter experts will help you identify the industry's best practices and start implementing them.

The Change

We use the right automations, tools, and techniques to help you get your business where you want it to be. Our Operations Center will help you efficiently manage your SAP-based IT systems and minimize system down time. Our applications are built for the future. We keep pace with innovations in technology and business practices, ensuring that your information systems support your ongoing success.

Value Proposition

We've been providing services for 10 years, so we know how to use proactive strategies to prevent problems. We have worked on many projects across diverse industries.

We've been providing services for 10 years, so we know how to use proactive strategies to prevent problems. We have worked on many projects across diverse industries.

We utilize our proactive automated monitoring and ticket resolution solutions to help you reduce the ticket count and increase the user productivity.

We use 4 stage model for increased user satisfaction, which starts with manual resolution, followed by automations, guided procedures, and finally the "smart" solutions.

We use cutting edge technology to create next generation applications. Our solutions are smarter, faster and provide better ROI. We utilize the right tools in our engagements.

We use advance engineering techniques for seamless transitions. Thus, the time required for a support transition is always less compared to other providers.

Our "Risk & Reward" or "outcome" based working model is based on an analysis of your existing operations. We understand and engage the right teams with the right model to ensure you have steady support.

We offer end-to-end application maintenance and support, including advisory services, maintenance services, optimization services, and innovative approaches. Thus, it called as NextGen AMS.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is NextGen AMS?

We at ToggleNow introduced innovative next generation application management and support solutions that cover L1, L2, and L3 called “NextGen AMS” that transformed the concept of service management built with service intelligence and emerging technologies.

What savings can ToggleNow assure while opting the AMS service?

Based on our experience in AMS solutions and leveraging our industry-leading technology and framework, we can assure 15% -25% cost reduction, right from the first year of engagement. However, the actual percentage of cost reduction will be derived during the pre-engagement assessment.

What tools are used by ToggleNow?

ToggleNow uses comprehensive set of tools that are built to deliver the Next-Gen AMS solution such as Techieneek, Password Auto Reset, Easy Access, TN scorecard and so on..

Which framework does ToggleNow uses?

ToggleNow has its proprietary AMS framework which is well aligned to the ITIL framework. Our Framework would make service delivery faster, smarter, innovative, and cost-effective. This will further optimize the quality and the operational costs.

What are Self-heal? How can that help optimize AMS costs?

Self-heal solutions are such as Password Auto Reset, Easy Access Self Service Portal, and so on. These self-heal tools will help users to get a solution quickly and get back to work quickly. These will have minimal or no-impact on the productivity.

How soon you can start the engagement?

ToggleNow can start the engagement in less than 2 weeks and our team also takes least transition time. A detailed transition plan and the documentation will be created to ensure further knowledge transfers are easy and smooth.