Are you finding it difficult to enforce a strong authentication and reliable authorization process for admin roles?

Worried about meticulously planning direct changes to be made to the client environment?

Orange Envelope makes privilege access granting simple and safe.

Do manual approvals and authorizations for a task take up valuable time? Is the timely opening and closing of SAP client proving to be tricky? Is audit non-conformance an ongoing problem in your business? Orange Envelope is the one-stop solution to all of the above troubles and more!

Orange Envelope is an advanced ABAP-based solution which helps in enhancing SAP systems by automating everything from request submission to the opening and closing of the client, to assigning config ID to perform critical activities. It essentially allows you to request for critical or config IDs and open the SAP production client for direct changes for a specified period of time. As soon as the requested time period ends, the production client will be closed automatically and the config ID will be deallocated. In addition to this, Orange Envelope also tracks and records all the activities performed on the SAP production client and notifies you of any abnormal usage.

Orange Envelope takes a holistic approach towards making your business processes audit-friendly by managing it through tickets, pre-configured workflows and maintaining audit logs. With this tool, businesses can completely automate their critical-ID management, eliminate human errors, and remove audit gaps and non-conformances.

Features of Orange Envelope Solution

Detailed Audit Logs

Orange Envelope maintains logs of all critical changes made to the system and sends an updated report directly to the user as soon as the session is over. This feature improves transparency and makes auditing simpler and quicker.

Adaptable Workflow

Orange Envelope is a highly configurable tool. You can use it to tweak several functions of the workflow, including managing and defining approval groups, sending multiple approvals, and so on.

Smart Ticketing

Orange Envelope makes the system more concise by eliminating the need for an external ticketing tool as it includes in-built ticketing capabilities. Therefore, users can directly raise tickets in the system.

Why Choose Orange Envelope?

Effective Time Management

Automation of critical/config ID assignment and retrieval of results results in better time management. With Orange Envelope, businesses not only save time during ID processing but also during ticketing, workflow configuration and auditing.

Improved Audit-Conformity

Orange Envelope automatically records all the activities performed by the user from the start of a session to the end of it. It then allows auditors and managers to view all actions performed between the opening and closing of each request.

Better Organization

Orange Envelope is an automated solution that removes audit gaps and non-conformances. It also eliminates the need to manually open or close the SAP production client or retrieve IDs once the activity is over, thus enhancing security.

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