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Is SAP GRC audit management holding you back from spending time on actual problem-solving?

Are you limited by manual audit management and looking to speed up the process?

GAMS 360 is an easy-to-use GRC audit management system that comes with high-end reporting capabilities.


An intelligent enterprise doesn’t just implement GRC and leave it, it even makes it’s GRC as the one that leverages data-driven insights to drive automated decisions and actions.

GAMS360 is a GRC Audit Management System - a web application designed to help organizations monitor their SAP GRC Access Control. It is an efficient solution that helps organizations manage the risks associated with their SAP GRC Access Control application. GAMS360, like the name suggests, comes with 360-degree reporting capability which can keep your SAP environment audit-ready. This innovative wrapper application for SAP GRC access control offers high-level reporting and control cards for easy reporting and monitoring.

What It Brings

Reports & Control Cards

Easy-to-download reports and control cards which can be saved as editable CSV, XLS files or PDFs. You can also visualize important findings for drawing more accurate inferences.

Ready-to-download Reports

Easy-to-download reports and control cards which can be saved as editable CSV, XLS files or PDFs. You can also visualize important findings for drawing more accurate inferences.

SAP Security Baseline

40+ Easy-to-download reports which can be saved as editable CSV, XLS file or as a PDF file. You can also visualize important findings for drawing more accurate inferences.

SAP GRC Baseline

50+ Easy-to-download and Just In-time SAP GRC baseline to understand the effective utilization of the SAP GRC system and also to find any anomalies.

IT General Controls (ITGC)

Configurable ITGC Controls with periodic review and alert mechanisms. The common controls are available and further controls can be added as per the business requirement.

SAP Fraud Controls

Fraud is the next big thing and GAMS360 is equipped with few of the Fraud based reports that can be used to quickly detect, and evaluate potential fraud cases in the SAP system.

Benefits of GAMS360

Plug And Play

GAMS360 can be installed on your existing SAP GRC system without requiring any additional hardware or software.

Reduce Audit Timelines

With GAMS360, you can adopt an efficient and strategic role and choose high-values anomalies for further investigations.

Collaborate Efficiently

Enable your auditors to assess risks at a greater speed with the right reports across your business operations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is GAMS360 a web-based application?

GAMS is built on SAP UI5, an effective engine for creating rich HTML pages with pre-defined controls, models and data bindings. GAMS can be implemented either on an Embedded SAP Gateway system or a Central Hub system.

Does GAMS360 supports custom control & report cards?

Absolutely! GAMS360 is powered with 100+ pre-defined SAP Security Baseline controls, SAP GRC Baseline controls, SAP Fraud management controls, SAP ITGC Controls and many more. If required, our team can customize it further to our client’s requirements.

Can GAMS360 be integrated with SAP GRC Access Control 10x/12?

Yes. Even though GAMS360 is an individual reporting application, it is built on SAP GRC basics. It can be a central system for all the reporting purpose. The standard SAP GRC reports can be integrated into the GAMS360 application to make it a single point application.

How much time it would require implementing GAMS360 application?

The timelines required to implement GAMS360 application is depended on the SAP landscape. In general, the application requires 7-10 working days to implement and configure. Our team will provide a detailed implementation plan before starting every project.

Does GAMS360 covers EU GDPR, and CCPA controls?

Currently it doesn’t. However, our Subject Matter Experts in these areas are continuously working to bring the right and better controls in-place to meet our client’s compliance requirements. If you have any list of EU GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), CCPA (California data privacy law) controls, let us know. We can always discuss to incorporate them.

Does GAMS360 offer both detective and preventive controls?

GAMS360 provides only detective controls. However, we can always implement preventive controls based on our client’s requirements. ToggleNow has the expertise to design, develop and implement the right SAP Business Process based controls. Reach out to our Subject Matter Experts to discuss on your control requirements today!