xPedite is a powerful enabler solution that accelerates role design and assignment activities in SAP. The solution allows you to automate actions like transaction, user and mass role management. Security administrators can use xPedite during SAP implementations, roll-outs and authorization redesign projects. With our solution, the project timelines can be reduced to 30% of the traditional amount of time taken to manage user roles manually.

To make things simpler, xPedite comes with a predefined set of rules and templates which can be directly used to automate various tasks related to role design. Simply, xPedite is a role automation tool/solution which requires only a few hours of your time to automate the process of role designing.It is augmented with our xPedite consultancy services to help you make the most of the solution.

Does managing user roles manually take up too much of your project time?

Are you worried about role design and authorization that are in keeping with compliance guidelines?

With automated role designing functionalities, xPedite is your one-stop solutions for both!

Features of xPedite

Transaction Management

xPedite can easily and intelligently scan 10 different types of transaction codes. It scans and suggests the optimum set of authorization objects for custom transaction codes and tags them in SU24 check proposals and allows you to capture them in a transport request quickly.

User Management

xPedite makes it easy for you to create and maintain users, assign and revoke roles, mass-lock and unlock user IDs, identify shell users and roles and perform analysis for every user, system and interface connected to your SAP solution.

Role Monitoring

xPedite comes with an efficient role management module which allows organizations to maintain single, composite, master and derived roles. It also allows you to analyze and operate on the roles with ease on any NetWeaver based systems.

Why Choose xPedite?

Reduced Project Timelines

xPedite automates transaction, role and user management activities, reducing project timelines by 30%. This saves time and money!

Well-designed Security Structure

xPedite helps with accurate SAP authorization management, thereby reducing the need for complex reports in the form of spreadsheets.

Reduced Human Errors

Since xPedite automates several critical practices, it reduces the risk of human error as it vastly reduces human interaction with the system.

Perfected Go-Lives

Assignment and revocation of roles during go-lives is simple and easy with xPedite - the perfect tool to work with for your project go-lives!

Reduced Manual Tracing

xPedite expertly automates SU24 activities like scanning, proposing automatic authorization objects and maintaining SU24 values.

Improved Auditing

xPedite increases the transparency of your systems and notes necessary information to ensure your systems remain audit-ready always.

Here is a quick comparison

Manual xPedite
Identify the authorization object for custom transaction code(s) Need to use ST01 trace or STAUTHTRACE to identify the relevant object. xPedite automatically scans and identifies the relevant authorization objects.
Time Required At least 15-20 minutes per transaction code. 2-3 seconds per transaction code.
SU24 assignment / check-proposal maintenance Manual, and takes 15-20 minutes (depending on the amount of authorization objects) Automated, and takes 1-2 minutes
Manual xPedite
Mass Role Management Roles have to be managed individually (unless they are derived) 100% automated
Mass Role Upload Group of roles from one system can be downloaded and uploaded in the other system. Group of roles from one system can be downloaded and uploaded in the other system.
Mass Role Creation Not possible 100% Automated
Mass Role Deletion Possible with eCATT scripts 100% Automated
Mass Role Cloning Not possible 100% automated
Mass Role Changes Not possible 100% automated
Mass authorization data management Not possible 100% automated
Automatic authorization assignment Not possible 100% automated
Manual xPedite
Mass User Creation Partially possible with eCATT scripts 100% automated
Mass User Deletion Possible with eCATT scripts 100% automated
Mass User management such as Assignment and Revoking of Roles Not possiblepossible with eCATT scripts 100% Automated
Mass User Group Assignments Not possible 100% Automated