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SAP is currently being used as a dynamic solution that can cater to most business needs. Therefore, advanced regulations are often imposed on the solution - to ensure compliance through these dynamic regulatory changes, an effective solution to plan and design your SAP’s security and authorization is required. Meeting the requirements of regulations like the SoX can be challenging with the increase in the complexity of the SAP solution’s security model.

At ToggleNow, we have designed, developed and tested numerous methods to assess any SAP security solution. With our SAP security assessment and authorization redesign services, we ensure that your SAP system is secured, authorization structure is well-defined, and the Segregation of Duty risks are reduced.

Our Approach

Our Approach

Our Services

SAP Authorization Audits

We help you stay audit-ready by analyzing the integrity of users and authorizations to generate reports which are necessary for comprehensive SAP security audits. This can be coupled with our proprietary solution, GAMS360.

SAP Security Redesign

We review your existing authorization structure and advice on the redesign of the roles and authorizations to improve compliance, reduce segregation of duties and increase security effectiveness.

SAP Security Build

We bring the best Security design. Our experts ensure that the authorization design is Segregation of Duty (SoD) free, meets the compliance requirements and are rightly mapped to the business processes.

SAP Upgradation and Migrations

With our SAP upgradation services, we ensure that your security is upgraded and your new SAP system is available for uninterrupted and seamless service for your users. Our proprietary upgrade templates are ready-to-deploy.

Control Automation

Our control automation tool can allow you to intuitively automate and manage technical and functional controls with built-in alert-generation and auto-reporting features, we help you automate the management of internal controls.

SAP Security Managed Services

Whether you need a full-time resource or ad-hoc support, let ToggleNow be your trusted SAP security partner. We offer a full array of SAP security support that includes User Administration, Role Administration, and Security audit reporting.

Our Automated Tools

Here are some of ToggleNow’s proprietary tools that can simplify and automate the evaluation process of many activities that require lot of manual efforts.
We named them as quick winners!
Custom Transaction code Analyzer

An application that can scan the custom transaction codes, propose the relevant authorization objects and values, and further update SU24 check proposals with a single click. It reduces the role design project timelines to a great extent and also ensures that you are 100% complaint and audit ready. It eliminates the potential false positives during the risk analysis & audits.

Automated Risk Evaluation Solution

An automated solution that can evaluate and highlight the risks associated with your custom Z transaction codes. Further, it can update the SAP GRC ruleset and generate rules for you in a single click. Automated risk evaluation solution works with SAP GRC 10, SAP GRC 10.1 and SAP GRC 12.


ToggleNow employs the right tools to understand the whole data protection such as General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), and Personally identifiable information (PII) across your enterprise to support based on the geographies you work.

ToggleNow has the expertise to discover and setup right controls across your enterprise and processes governing the usage and management of this data.


Migration to S/4HANA has a significant impact on the SAP Security Role design as Security is inherently linked to an improved and consistent user experience (UX) – SAP Fiori. For those who are moving to S/4 HANA, security cannot be decoupled as a part of the project due to UX transformation.

Any organization attempting to tackle the security challenges during the S/4 HANA upgrade must take a methodical approach and ToggleNow is equipped with it.



Our services are backed-up with strong technology capabilities, focused on end-to-end resource and cost optimization. We derive the industry and SAP recommended best practices with our services coupled with our proprietary tools to enhance the Security, and Compliance of the SAP systems. See our Success Stories.

xPedite case study

Implementation of xPedite aided a conglomerate infrastructure leader in redesigning its authorizations faster. xPedite’s aid to our client for restructuring authorizations faster.

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Darwin box case study

Integration of third party HRMS system with SAP GRC Access Control.Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) is an essential business strategy to ensure corporate governance.

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Optimus case study

Road-map of ToggleNow’s accomplishment in optimizing and evaluating the SAP licenses of a prominent electronics company.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are ToggleNow’s USPs wrt Authorization redesign?

We use our proprietary solutions that can significantly reduce the efforts required for an authorization redesign. Further, we ensure that the authorizations are risk free at the least possible and make you align with the audit recommendations.

How do you evaluate our SAP system(s)?

We have 50+ parameters on which we evaluate the various areas of SAP such as User Management, Role Management, SAP Security Policies, Management of Critical IDs, Roles, and Profiles. We also evaluate on few other parameters such as transaction code usage and so on.

Can we baseline your SAP Security assessment report for our audits?

Of course, we use the SAP and industry recommended baseline reporting approaches while evaluating the SAP systems. The feedback from our SAP Security assessments and SAP audits helped our clients in streamlining their Security areas and be audit ready!

How we can be compliant with SAP Licensing guidelines?

ToggleNow can also help with the SAP Licensing (SAM) audit with our unique service offering Optimus.Our experts review the existing contracts, derive on an optimization ruleset and perform a SAP licensing assessment before we provide the right recommendations.

What are the costs associated for an SAP Security audit?

There are multiple factors to decide on the costs of a security audit such as No.of SAP systems, quantum of roles, users etc., However, we always make this service competitive for our clients. Just drop us your requirement using the contact form and our team will reach out to you.

How can you help us fast track SAP S/4 HANA authorization design?

As mentioned, we use our proprietary tools such as xPedite while designing authorizations in SAP ECC, SAP S/4 HANA and so on. Our tools reduce the authorization design project timelines tremendously and shows a great savings to our clients.