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Streamline compliance with automated authorization reviews! 

Discover a solution that simplifies User Access Reviews in SAP by automating around 99% of Review tasks. ReviewNow can conduct comprehensive User Access Reviews or Sensitive Authorization Reviews. Leveraging various intelligence capabilities, ReviewNow offers approvers valuable insights for improved decision-making. Explore the array of features that ReviewNow brings to the table!

Achieve 99% automation
with ReviewNow

Complete Review

Conduct a comprehensive review of user access, including detailed usage analysis data, to assist your organization in fulfilling audit requirements and demonstrating compliance with regulatory mandates like SOX, ISMS, and others.

Sensitive Access Review

Conduct a thorough review of sensitive access authorizations, including a detailed review of usage patterns, to assist your organization in protecting critical business data and business sensitive information. Be prepared to address various data protection regulations such as DPDP, GDPR etc.,

Open Risk Review

Perform a comprehensive evaluation of existing Segregation of Duties (SoD) and critical risks that doesn’t have an active mitigation or are reactivated after the expiration of a mitigation control. This process assists in implementing a proactive approach to risk management.

Mitigation Control Review

Assess the current status of mitigation controls, their assignments, and their continued relevance within the operational framework. This will ensure that the controls are appropriately assigned and remain pertinent in mitigating risks in accordance with the present organizational requirements.

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Why ReviewNow

99% Activities are automated

ReviewNow automates 99% of the tasks currently performed manually, eliminating the necessity for manual extraction, compilation, submission, review, and documentation of review activities. Additionally, it comprehensively retains all records within the application

Your Review is now paper less!

ReviewNow streamlines User Reviews, eliminating the need for paper documentation entirely. Beginning from request initiation through closure, all activities occur within the application itself. Each review cycle’s information, reports, and the consolidated audit report are easily accessible with just a single click.

You are now Audit Ready

ReviewNow ensures readiness for audits. With initiation, review, and reporting integrated into the solution, it eliminates the possibility of manual errors.
A comprehensive audit log for each review is meticulously captured and stored within the solution, providing thorough documentation for your auditors.

User friendly workflows

ReviewNow features user-friendly administrative workflows. It allows for mapping users or groups through a hierarchy of up to three levels of approvals. This not only enhances the precision of approvals through automated workflows but also offers the flexibility to make required adjustments during the workflow process, such as reassigning or routing requests as needed.

Frequently asked questions

Questions you might have about our solution

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Yes. ReviewNow is an ABAP based application which can be installed centrally and manage additional systems/clients.
Yes. ReviewNow can be implemented on ECC or S/4 HANA system (both on-premise and S/4 HANA cloud), and Rise with SAP (Private) cloud systems.
Currently ReviewNow supports Full user review (review for all the users in a system), Review by user group/custom group, and Sensitive Access Review. However, ReviewNow for GRC will bring additional reviews such as Mitigation Control Review, Access Owner Review and so on.
Every assigned request will contain comprehensive information enabling the reviewer to make well-informed decisions. This information encompasses roles, assigned transaction codes, actual usage of transaction codes, and the frequency of their utilization by the user. Furthermore, an array of reports is accessible to reviewers, enhancing their decision-making capabilities during the review process.
Certainly! Periodic reviews can be easily scheduled utilizing a range of scheduling options available. ReviewNow accommodates both one-time and periodic reviews, offering flexibility in managing and executing review processes as needed.
The ReviewNow solution offers an interface specifically designed for managing User-to-Reviewer mapping. Presently, the solution accommodates up to three levels of reviewers. Moreover, it allows the assignment of a reviewer group at particular stages. This system provides straightforward and user-friendly mapping options for ease of use.
Indeed, the Reviewer mapping functionality allows for the assignment to either an individual user, an SAP user group, or a custom group, providing flexibility in configuring review assignments based on specific criteria.
It is not feasible to remove an individual transaction code during the review process for the following reasons:

1. Role assigned to multiple users: If the same role is assigned to multiple users, removing a specific transaction code from the role for one user will result in the removal of that transaction code for all other users assigned to that role, potentially impacting users who require access to that transaction.

2. Change Management Process: Per the change management process, the removal of a transaction code should follow a specific process, involving removal in the development system, testing in quality assurance, and subsequently implementing the change in the production environment. As reviews are conducted directly in the production system, removing transaction codes directly during reviews conflicts with this established change management process and is therefore not recommended.
No! ReviewNow solely facilitates the review of current role assignments and provides options to either retain or remove roles.
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