The need for security in any organizational ERP, be it from data breaches or other underlying threats, cannot be overstated.

When it comes to applications that contain personal user information, sensitive business data, and transactional records, the loss of data could amount to the loss of business reputation as well. If you have not yet addressed the issue of security in your organization, it requires attention - now!

UserSentry is an ABAP-based application developed by ToggleNow to secure your SAP systems. In the wake of recent cyber threats and rising risks of breach, UserSentry is designed as an additional security layer of protection to all your ERP servers and applications across your SAP solutions and environment.


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Features of UserSentry

Multi-factor Authentication (2FA/MFA) for SAP

UserSentry’s multi-factor authentication (MFA/2FA) feature adds a layer of security on top of your SAP system, requiring users to authenticate their identity at multiple levels during the login stage. Users will be required to use their credentials at the first authentication level and another information at the second authentication level.

Automated Dormant Accounts Review

Tracking and locking of dormant user accounts manually can be a time consuming, tedious, and risky activity. UserSentry automates this activity, notifying administrators and locking dormant accounts in the SAP systems. The rules that define a dormant account can also be easily set up for every connector.

User Privilege Manager (UPM)

User Privilege Manager is a UserSentry module that allows administrators to easily define critical user roles and set up parameters for their expiry. Based on these parameters, UserSentry scans individual users and roles, notifying users and eliminating unused/dormant user roles that may be assigned to them.

Device-specific Lockout

Using the ‘Bind to Host’ module in UserSentry, certain users can be locked out of specific devices. UserSentry also has the capability to identify anonymous logins based on parameters such as geo-location of the user, operating system, GUI version, and so on. This can prevent breaches at an internal level.

Critical Download Monitoring

This feature keeps a log of end-user activity. It tracks critical downloads, enabling IT administrators to get all the information about when and what critical downloads were made by users. In this way, UserSentry bolsters application security management and also ensures that no critical data is going out of the organization.

Identity-centric User Management

UserSentry comes with powerful capabilities that make access an identity-driven process in your organization. This is the first step in ensuring that your network is secure from sophisticated breach attacks that can compromise your business-critical data and applications.

Why Choose UserSentry?

Always-on Threat Analysis

UserSentry constantly checks users and roles associated with your SAP system for any kind of threat.

Multiple Authentication Options

Users can choose to authenticate themselves by using SMS OTP, email OTP, a biometric feature such as their fingerprint or even a smart token.

Doubly-enhanced Security

With 2FA, UserSentry adds an additional layer of security on top of your SAP system’s in-built security features

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